Amica Mutual Review
Bottom Line

Though its name isn't as recognizable as its larger competitors, Amica Mutual is tops in several customer-satisfaction surveys, and coverage is available everywhere except Hawaii. Policyholders say they're largely satisfied with the claims process and with their premiums, too. While local agents aren't an option, customers are happy with customer service. The company tends to be picky about who it will insure and some say their rates went up without warning or, seemingly, without cause.

  • Smooth claims process
  • Helpful customer service
  • Wide variety of plans
  • Solid financial ratings
  • Some report significant rate increases
  • Quote process could be easier

Breaking it down


Great feedback on claims resolution. Most Amica Mutual customers report positive experiences with claims. In one major survey, they report excellent settlement experiences. The rental-car experience earns the lowest marks. Amica Mutual maintains a network of pre-screened repair shops where it will guarantee a high standard of work, but customers are still free to choose their own shop after an accident. Most Amica Mutual policies include $20 a day or $600 toward rental cars, but this varies and customers can purchase additional coverage.


Wide variety of discounts. In one large survey, most Amica Mutual customers say they're satisfied with premiums. However, some individual reviewers complain of high premiums that can creep higher over time with little explanation. This is a case where it pays to get quotes at least once a year from other companies and from Amica. Instead of using local agents, the company does business directly with customers over the phone or online. Most customers say service is good and that they're satisfied with their purchase experience -- although satisfaction has dropped in 2015, according to JD Power and Associates. Amica Mutual receives high marks for policy offerings, and it offers a variety of discounts, including cheaper rates for loyal customers, good students, multiple-policy holders and owners of cars with safety features such as alarms or airbags. Customers can report claims by phone or online 24 hours a day.

Our Sources

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ConsumerReports.org editors rate 25 national and regional auto insurers. The ratings are reliable and unbiased, and are based on customer surveys that focus on satisfaction with speed of service, the claims process, estimates and premiums. Unlike other products, there are no in-depth reviews of the insurers with editorial comments.

2. J.D. Power & Associates

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Amica Mutual receives a perfect rating of 5 circles out of 5 for overall customer satisfaction. It receives 5 circles for first notice of loss and settlement; 5 circles for service interaction and the appraisal process; and 4 circles for the repair process. They receive only 2 circles for rental-car experience.

3. J.D. Power & Associates

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Amica Mutual receives 5 circles, a top rating, for overall customer satisfaction in New England, where it is J.D. Power and Associates' top pick. Ratings include categories for policy offerings, pricing, billing and payment and contacting the insurer. Amica Mutual receives perfect scores in all of these categories.

4. J.D. Power & Associates

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Amica Mutual gets an overall score of 815 out of 1,000, slightly below industry average, for overall purchase experience in J.D. Power and Associates' auto insurance shopping study. Amica's total circle rating is 3 out of 5.

5. Viewpoints.com

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Amica Mutual earns 65 out of 100 points in nearly 100 reviews. Ratings include home and life insurance, which appear to skew the results lower. Customers report competent, thorough, prompt service from representatives, but some say their rates shot up without warning, and a few report claims issues.