Baby K'tan Review

Updated February 28, 2013
Baby K'tan

The Baby K'tan eliminates the extra fabric and complicated application common to wrap-style carriers, while providing the same close, swaddled support. Described as a hybrid, the K'tan features interlocking fabric loops with several possible positions to soothe and carry newborns to toddlers while parents keep their hands free. However, unlike a wrap or sling, the K'tan isn't adjustable for different sized parents and may not be as comfortable or useful as the baby grows.

ComfortProsWrap design without excess fabric, Hands-free use, Minimum of five carry positionsConsDifficult to adjust, May cause back pain

Most parents say their babies love being carried in the K'tan and swear by this carrier for soothing colicky babies and for enabling babies with reflux to sleep in an upright position. Many older babies with head/neck control enjoy the facing-out option provided with this carrier. However, some parents say that their children do not like the feel of this carrier.

Because the K'tan is a snug carrier, some say that it gets hot, particularly when used with the sash. K'tan makes a version of the carrier with partial mesh fabric construction for warmer climates. Some parents don't object to the added warmth, saying that wearing the baby makes it easier to regulate temperature for both baby and parent.


A wrap with no wrapping. The Baby K'tan is comprised of two snug and stretch fabric loops of fixed size and a separate sash that ties around the middle. The fabric loops are worn in an X-shape that goes around both shoulders crossing in the front and joined in back by a fabric connector loop. The baby is placed within the stretchy fabric loops in a variety of positions and further secured by tying the sash around the middle. The loops can be fitted over the baby's head for full neck support and can support the baby's head while nursing. Additionally, the two-loop design accommodates newborn twins.

Parents love that they don't have to wrap, knot or loop excess fabric with the K'tan carrier. The vast majority say that the learning curve is far shorter than with other wrap-style carriers and that it is easier to get the baby into and out of the carrier because of the simplified design. That said, many note that you can't adjust the K'tan for size or tightness. For this reason, the K'tan can only be used by child carriers of the same size, which is a disadvantage for moms and dads who want to share the same carrier.

The K'tan sash doubles as a storage bag, and most parents say that this lightweight carrier fits easily in a diaper bag making it a great choice for travel and use on the go.


Non-adjustable carrier may stretch. While the Baby K'tan is rated for toddlers weighing up to 35 pounds, most parents and reviewers say that it is most useful and comfortable for smaller babies and newborns. The carrier offers at least five carrying positions, including parent-facing and forward-facing. According to parents, the fabric loops stretch over time, making the carrier less secure as the baby gets bigger. Alternately, some say that this natural stretching means that the carrier grows to accommodate the growing baby.

Parents say that the K'tan is easy to machine wash and dry, and that drying the carrier can shrink it back to its original size.

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