Baby K'tan

Updated February 28, 2013
Baby K'tan

Bottom Line

The Baby K'tan eliminates the extra fabric and complicated application common to wrap-style carriers, while providing the same close, swaddled support. Described as a hybrid, the K'tan features interlocking fabric loops with several possible positions to soothe and carry newborns to toddlers while parents keep their hands free. However, unlike a wrap or sling, the K'tan isn't adjustable for different sized parents and may not be as comfortable or useful as the baby grows.


Keeps baby close and secure. According to parents, the Baby K'tan distributes weight more evenly across the shoulders and middle back than a sling for decreased back and shoulder strain. Many say that they can wear their baby for hours without discomfort. However, some still complain that the carrier pulls on their shoulders particularly as the baby grows. Some reviewers find that the K'tan doesn't provide enough support for bigger babies who stretch the fabric more on this non-adjustable carrier.

ProsWrap design without excess fabric, Hands-free use, Minimum of five carry positionsConsDifficult to adjust, May cause back pain

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