BabyBjorn Original

Updated February 28, 2013
BabyBjorn Original

Bottom Line

The BabyBjorn Original is a classic carrier, but there are better choices that will have a longer, useful life, even within BabyBjorn's own product line. Aimed at newborns (from 8 pounds), the Original is easy to use, and babies can be removed easily without waking them. Its upper weight rating is 25 pounds, but parents say it's uncomfortable to use with heavier babies.


Best for smaller babies. BabyBjorn says their Original baby carrier is "perfect for newborn babies," and parents of newborns and small infants say their babies are very comfortable in this carrier. However, they also say that their child outgrows the carrier long before they hit the 25-pound weight limit, and that carrying larger babies causes neck and back strain. Heavier and taller parents also say this is not a good fit for them. Some parents say they are uncomfortable with the way the baby dangles at the crotch, but many carriers have that same design. There are several fabric choices, with the mesh being reported as more breathable; some parents say their babies get very hot in the cotton fabrics.

ProsGood fit for infants, Easy to remove baby, Machine washableConsBabies outgrow it quickly, May cause back/neck strain, Not best for nursing

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