Beco Gemini Review

Updated February 28, 2013
Beco Gemini

The Beco Gemini is a popular, versatile carrier that can be used in four different carry positions. Parent and expert reviewers say it's safe and secure, easy to use and comfortable. Its many color and fabric options also earn high praise. With a 35-pound upper weight limit, it's not a carrier that will take your child into older toddlerhood, however.

ComfortProsEasy to use, Four carry positions, Comfortable for parent and child, Machine washableCons35-pound weight limit, Tricky safety buckles


Very easy to use. The Beco Gemini is very easy to use, say both expert and parent reviewers. They note that the baby feels very secure even when they bend over. The Gemini has a unique feature that enables you to transfer the baby from front to back without removing him from the carrier. It's easy to put the child in the carrier, and the back-release design enables you to remove the child without waking her. The front panel opens for easy breastfeeding. A few reviewers note that the safety buckles can be tricky to operate.


Highly versatile design. The Beco Gemini has four seating positions that enable you to use it longer than dedicated parent-facing infant carriers. In addition, the baby can face outward in front-carry mode, parent-facing on back, and there is a hip-carry option. However, its 35-pound upper weight rating is not as high as some other soft carriers. It can be used for newborns. It's machine washable and comes with a one-year warranty.

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