Chicco Smart Support Backpack

  • Less bulky for a framed carrier
  • Comfortable for children
  • Can set carrier down without removing child
  • Poor fit for some parents
  • Ineffective sun shade
  • Confusing instructions

Bottom Line

The Chicco Smart Support Backpack carrier is a good choice for light hiking and use around town, such as running errands. It's very popular with men, who say it fits well and they like its rugged appearance. A number of women, especially smaller women, say it's very uncomfortable to wear for more than a short period of time. Most reviewers agree its many features make it a great pack for the price.


Not for shorter women. The main complaint we see about the Chicco Smart Support Backpack carrier is from women who say it's very uncomfortable. This seems to be an issue mostly with shorter women who say it's difficult to adjust the hip strap properly, so the shoulder straps dig into their arms. One owner said she felt as if the skeleton of her back was crumbling after a few hours. By contrast, even those who find it very uncomfortable to wear say their babies are very comfortable and love the carrier. It has one seating position, facing forward on the parent's back. The fabric is breathable to keep you from getting too warm. The seat adjusts to the baby's height as he grows.


Don't have to remove baby. One thing parents love about the Chicco Smart Support Backpack carrier is that it's stable enough to put on and take off with the baby in the backpack, and it stands by itself. It's a frame backpack with ample storage. One big complaint: Many reviewers say the instructions are vague and confusing, but it's easy to use and adjust once you figure it out. It folds flat for easy transport.


Lasts through several kids. Reviewers say the Chicco Smart Support Backpack carrier is well made and rugged, and a few have used theirs with more than one child. At 6.5 pounds, it's lightweight and holds up to 40 pounds total, including child and gear. It's recommended for children with full head support, about 6 months and up. It comes with a one-year warranty.

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