Deuter Kid Comfort III Review

Updated February 28, 2013
Deuter Kid Comfort III

The Deuter Kid Comfort III is the luxury choice for the serious hiker/backpacker. Even smaller parents report its weight distributes evenly for an easy, comfortable carry. It's pricey, parents say, but there is nothing this carrier lacks.

ComfortProsHighly adjustable, Comfortable, Accommodates 2-liter hydration unit, Sun canopy, Breathable fabricConsKickstand hard to close once mounted


For serious hikers/backpackers. The Deuter Kid Comfort III is one of the most expensive on the market, but parents who are dedicated backpackers and hikers say it's worth every penny. It adjusts quickly and easily and, according to reviewers, looks more complex to put on than it is. The child's seat has a side entry to make it more convenient to place or remove a child. It has a lot of storage and accommodates a 2-liter hydration unit. Most of the storage is detachable, so you can decide how much you want to carry. It sports a number of other convenience features, including carry handles and reflective accents.

A number of parents say they were so pleased with their first carrier that they bought another for their second child. The only complaint we saw about this pack is that the kickstand should be put up before you put the carrier on your back because it can't be done by the carrier once it's on. However, if you are hiking with a companion, they can do it.


Will last forever. Owners say the durable, rip-stop fabric of the Deuter Kid Comfort III looks like new even after heavy use, lasts through several children, and is often passed on to friends or relatives. It's reported as easy to clean, and the pillow is detachable and machine washable. It has one seating position, facing forward behind the parent's back, but it's made for baby carrying, not baby wearing. The carrier weighs 7.6 pounds and holds up to 48.5 pounds, including gear and child. It's recommended for children with full head control, or about 6 months and up. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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