Maya Wrap Ring Sling

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Good nursing support and coverage
  • Many carry options
  • Can be hard to adjust
  • May feel less secure
  • May cause shoulder/upper back strain
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Bottom Line

The Maya Wrap Ring Sling is a classic ring-style sling that offers a variety of positions for newborns to toddlers up to 35 pounds. Many love the simplicity and versatility of the Maya for nursing and keeping their baby close. However, others say it is difficult to get the baby secure and distribute the weight comfortably with this sling. Experts also warn about suffocation hazards and issues with hip dysplasia associated with sling carriers.


A good fit requires skill and adjustment. Comprised of a wide, folded length of cloth, parents wear the Maya Wrap Ring Sling over one shoulder and around their back. The folded fabric creates a pouch in the front that holds the baby and a double ring holds the length of cloth together. In order to distribute the baby's weight evenly across both shoulders, the fabric across the parent's back has to be adjusted correctly, which takes practice. Parents who get this adjustment down say that the Maya is comfortable for hours. Those who don't get the adjustment will experience pulling and pain across the shoulder blades.

To secure the baby, the parent must spread a layer of fabric tight against their front, while leaving the top/covering piece loose so that they can install the baby. Once the baby is in, the parent can pull the outside piece of fabric tight against the ring for a snug, hands-free hold. Those who master this step say that their baby is content and secure in the Maya and say that the wrap helps soothe colic. Those who struggle with this step say that they never feel like they can get the baby secure enough to go hands-free.

The Maya comes in four different lengths, and parents say that it can be worn comfortably by different sized parents if you opt for a size in the middle. Made of breathable, hand-loomed cotton, many say that the Maya Wrap Ring Sling keeps their baby close without overheating. Experts warn about suffocation risks posed for young babies in sling-style carriers. When carrying a baby in a sling, it is vital that parents check that the baby has a clear airway for breathing. Experts also warn about increased risk of hip development issues if you allow the baby to lie in a straight-leg position in the sling.


There is a learning curve. Experts and users agree that learning to use an adjustable ring sling takes practice, and the Maya Wrap Ring Sling is no exception. While donning the wrap is simple, if you don't organize and adjust the fabric correctly at the beginning, your back and shoulders will pay the price. And, if you don't master the pouch, your baby will never feel secure in the sling. Many report that they love the ease of use of this sling once they have mastered it.

The adjustability of the Maya makes it a favorite for nursing at home and on the go. The pouch can be adjusted to support the baby's head while nursing, allowing the mom to keep her hands free to help the baby or attend to other tasks. The Maya has a tail of loose fabric that hangs out of the tightened rings. Some find this extra fabric to be a nuisance, but many like to use this tail as a privacy shield for nursing and/or as a sun protector. The tail also has a pocket on the end that is large enough to hold keys and a wallet or an extra diaper.


High-quality cotton stands up to the test of time. Made out of hand-loomed cotton, users say that the Maya Wrap Ring Sling stands up to the test of time without shrinking, stretching or discoloring. The sling can be machine washed and dried. Rated for newborns to toddlers weighing up to 35 pounds, users say that the Maya makes a good front- or backwards-facing pouch for babies and is a good hip carrier for toddlers. The Maya Wrap does not have a back carry position.

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