Moby Wrap Review

Updated February 28, 2013
Moby Wrap

The Moby Wrap is comprised of a long strip of fabric that wraps the baby and parent securely in multiple positions with infinite adjustability. Some find this carrier too complicated and cumbersome to use, but believers say that once they have conquered the learning curve, the Moby Wrap is unmatched for its ability to soothe a fussy baby. A favorite for newborns, many will opt for other carriers as their baby grows.

ComfortProsInfinite adjustability, Soothes colicky babies, Allows parents to carry hands-freeConsSteep learning curve, Not as secure for larger babies and toddlers, Not easy to use on the go

Parents of colicky newborns swear by the Moby Wrap's ability to soothe, while others appreciate the wrap's ability to support their baby in an upright, resting position. However, some parents say that the extra fabric makes them feel like their baby is being smothered. Moby Wrap instructs all users to be sure their baby is positioned carefully for clear breathing. Some also say that the Moby's fabric layers make the carrier hot for the parent and child. Finally, while Moby gets high marks for comfort for smaller babies from newborn to 9 months or so, many find the wrap less secure and less comfortable with larger infants and toddlers, despite its 35-pound upper weight rating.


There is a steep learning curve. Some parents say that the Moby Wrap is far too confusing to use --particularly in their first sleep-deprived weeks home with a new baby. Others describe it as a chore, hassle, and ordeal to wrap and knot the 18-by-2-foot length of fabric. Those who master the learning curve describe the Moby Wrap as a lifesaver that offers back-saving comfort for continuous use and delivers hands-free freedom during their baby's first months of life. The Moby Wrap also provides adjustable head support that enables moms to nurse their baby discreetly with their hands free.

The Moby Wrap gets mixed reports about its utility on the go. Some say that it fits nicely in a diaper bag despite its length and appreciate the privacy that the extra fabric provides for nursing in public. Others say that the extra fabric makes it bulky to carry and that the lengths of fabric inevitably drag on the ground and get dirty if you try to put it on or take it off on the go.


Good for newborns -- not so much for toddlers. While the Moby Wrap is rated for toddlers weighing up to 35 pounds, the experts say parents will get the most use out of this carrier during the baby's first months of life. Users say older babies and toddlers may feel too confined in the carrier's snug hold. The Moby offers multiple wearing options that include newborn hug hold, hug hold, hip hold, and kangaroo wrap, but experts and users say it feels less secure for larger babies and toddlers.

Some say that the cotton fabric stretches and sags as the baby increases in weight -- adding to the less secure feel. Users say that the Moby Wrap is easy to wash, but that you can expect some shrinkage if you put it in the dryer. Though this shrinkage takes care of some of the stretching issues, according to users, a well-worn Moby will stretch out again relatively quickly.

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