Moby Wrap

Updated February 28, 2013
Moby Wrap

Bottom Line

The Moby Wrap is comprised of a long strip of fabric that wraps the baby and parent securely in multiple positions with infinite adjustability. Some find this carrier too complicated and cumbersome to use, but believers say that once they have conquered the learning curve, the Moby Wrap is unmatched for its ability to soothe a fussy baby. A favorite for newborns, many will opt for other carriers as their baby grows.


Swaddles the baby for soothing comfort. Described as very soft and comfortable, the Moby Wrap hugs and supports babies from 5 pounds, making it a favorite to use for newborns. The long strip of fabric wraps across both of the parent's shoulders and around the waist ensuring even weight distribution. The long lengths of fabric mean that the Moby Wrap can be worn by any shape or size of parent and adjusted for tightness. Babies tuck in the folds of fabric for a completely swaddled feel and users say the warmth and motion lulls them to sleep.

ProsInfinite adjustability, Soothes colicky babies, Allows parents to carry hands-freeConsSteep learning curve, Not as secure for larger babies and toddlers, Not easy to use on the go
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