Baby Carriers : Ratings of Sources

Updated February 28, 2013
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Baby Carriers: Ratings of Sources

1. The Best Baby Carrier Review,, March 16 , 2013
Editors of tested 15 baby carriers for safety, comfort, ease of use and ease of cleaning. They also factored in the number of carry positions, available fabrics, compatibility with toddler-carrying and comfort for newborns. Each review is thorough and detailed and is based on three full months of testing. No carrier gets a perfect score, but the top three recommendations are well thought out.
2. BabyCenter Product Awards 2012,, Not dated
Credibility: teamed up with baby gear guru Jamie Grayson to narrow down the best baby products of 2012, including poring over hundreds of parent reviews and their own experiences as parents. They also surveyed more than 2,000 moms to find their favorites. Parents were asked for feedback about products' value, appearance, durability and ease of use. The reviews are informative and based upon real-world use.
3. Babble Best Picks: Baby Carriers,, Not dated
Credibility: editors tested dozens of baby carriers to come up with their best-of list. There are 13 editor's picks, as well as a roundup of reader's picks. Descriptions are clear, and each product has a list of pros and cons.
4. SheKnows Parenting Awards 2012: Carriers,, Not dated
For the 2012 SheKnows Parenting Awards, companies and readers nominated their favorite parenting products. Editors of SheKnows tested each submission, based upon functionality, quality, safety and convenience. Four finalists are selected and then voting is opened to the readers. The Ergobaby finished first in this category, winning the Editor's Choice Award.
5. Mom-Tested Baby Slings & Carriers,, Not dated
Credibility: editors looked at virtually every baby carrier on the market before narrowing their list to 15 top picks, which they had moms put through their paces. Both editors and moms weigh in on the in-depth reviews, including pros and cons and what they'd like to see changed.
6. Babble Blogger's Favorite Baby Carriers: Picks for Wraps, Slings, Structured Carriers and More,, Sept. 12, 2012
Although the products in this roundup are not ranked or compared to each other, prolific product reviewer Michelle Horton gives each a thorough review, including the lifestyle factors that make the product a good choice -- or not. There is also a buying guide and overview of carriers with who should and should not use them, including some interesting discussion of health controversies.
7. Which? magazine Baby Carrier Reviews, Which? magazine, Not dated
Which? is a British magazine that tests and reviews products. Editors have evaluated 19 baby carriers and baby slings and names five best buys, based upon scores in expert and parent testing. The ratings and testing explanations are very detailed, and the site includes information on how to buy the best baby carrier. A few of the products they review are not available in the U.S.
8. Baby Bargains Chapter 9: Strollers and More, Baby Bargains, Ninth edition, 2011
"Baby Bargains" reviews baby gear and common baby brands. The authors review a number of popular baby carriers and make recommendations within each category. They list pros and cons and give each manufacturer an overall letter grade for their products. Each manufacturer and carrier that is covered gets a thorough review.
9. Backpack Carrier Buying Guide,, November 2012
This buying guide has a few recommendations, but not in the usual format of their ranked, recommended, subscriber-only reports. It's primarily an in-depth guide to purchasing a backpack baby carrier, safety tips, a list of brands and an excellent overview of features, including how to choose between a framed or lightweight carrier.
10. Product Reviews,, Not dated
The best use of is in finding in-depth video reviews of individual products. Hollie Schultz is a respected reviewer of baby products in a variety of categories, and there are quite a few reviews of baby carriers, although searching for them is not easy -- specific searches have to be made via a search engine using keywords.
11. Baby Carriers,, As of March 2013
Hundreds of contributors to rank dozens of baby carriers, with most getting better at least a 4-star rating from users. This is a good site for getting input on real-world usage and long-term durability. Infantino, Ergobaby and BabyBjorn are among the carriers getting the highest ratings and the most rankings.
12. Babies 'R' Us Baby Carriers, Babies 'R' Us, As of March 2013
Like, Babies "R" Us solicits reviews from parents who have purchased and used baby carriers. They divide up their reviews between front and hip carriers, framed carriers, and wrap carriers. There are not as many products or reviews here, but they tend to be thorough and well thought out.
13. 2012 Readers' Choice Awards - Best Baby Carrier Finalists,, Not dated
The reader's choice awards solicit nominations from the public. Editors choose up to five finalists per category, and readers vote on the finalists. The Moby Wrap was named best baby carrier for 2012. It is clear that Heather Corley, the guide to baby products, has tested most of the carriers, although not all. The in-depth reviews also include real-world input from parents who use and own the product.
14. Baby Carrier Reviews,, As of March 2013
Reviews on are sometimes almost as detailed as those on The website also has every reviewer rate the carrier's safety, comfort, ease of use, design and durability on a five-point scale -- handy for parents who want to make a decision without wading through hundreds of reviews.
15. Choice magazine Baby Carrier and Sling Reviews, Choice magazine, June 4, 2012
Australia's Choice magazine tests 10 baby carriers: Baby First, BabyBjorn, Breeze Baby, Britax, Ergobaby, Hugabub, Manduca, Minimonkey, Natures Sway, and phil&teds. The carriers are evaluated for comfort, security and ease of use. Unlike most products Choice magazine tests, the baby carriers are not scored or ranked. Editors felt that their trial was too small, and that choosing a baby carrier is a highly personal decision. Rather, they suggest using their reviews as a guide to which models to consider first. Some of the carriers are not available in the U.S.
16. Baby Carrier Review,, June 18, 2012
Credibility:, which describes itself as "a chic, stylish resource for the savvy parent," reviews four baby carriers, the Beco, Ergobaby, BabyBjorn, and Moby Wrap. The reviewer's top pick is the Beco, but the other carriers get good scores as well. It's a bit apples-to-oranges, since the Moby is a wrap carrier and the other three are soft, structured carriers, but the reviews are thorough and include pros and cons.
17. Best Baby Carriers,, Not dated
Editors of name 10 top baby. There is no mention of testing, and the products are not ranked. Reviews are very brief but hit the pros of each baby carrier. There are no cons mentioned.
18. Editors of,, Not dated
This brief overview of what to look for in a backpack baby carrier recommends backpack carriers in four categories. The reviews are brief and don't seem to be based on testing, but the pros and cons reflect comments we've seen about these carriers from other sources.
19. Deuter Kid Comfort III Child Carrier,, As of March 2013
Credibility: has reviews of a few backpack baby carriers, and, while there are fewer reviews than at, the reviews are thorough. Most valuable, from the perspective of purchasing a baby backpack, is that they come from serious outdoors people who are also parents. The Deuter Kid Comfort III gets high marks from these reviewers.
20. Backpack Gear Test Infant and Child Carriers, Backpack Gear Test, Feb. 10, 2012
Credibility: says it has the most comprehensive interactive gear reviews and tests on the planet. There are hundreds of reviews in various categories. The reviews for the Ergobaby are extremely thorough, testing the pack over several outdoor excursions and noting pros and cons, but it is just one product with no comparisons to other carriers.
21. Pregnancy Magazine Cybex 2.go Carrier, Pregnancy Magazine, June 5, 2011
Editors give the Cybex 2.go a very thorough review that is clearly based upon real-world testing. The review includes hiking and about-town use and details the pros and cons of this carrier, but it's just a review of a single product -- there is no comparison to other carriers.
22. Child Carriers : Review of Frame Backpack Baby Carriers,, May 1, 2012
Credibility: is "a grassroots community of families who love exploring the world." It's parents exploring outdoor and travel-related topics for other parents. This includes reviews of products for traveling or going on an outdoor adventure with children. The overview of frame backpack carriers is very detailed, with a good explanation of the different types of backpack carriers and why one type may be best over another for a specific type of trip or hike.
23. Ergobaby vs. BabyBjorn,, Not dated
This retailer of eco-friendly outdoor gear also has reviews and suggestions for parents hiking with babies and toddlers, including this helpful comparison of the Ergobaby and BabyBjorn carriers. It also has a review of the Kelty 3.0 child carrier for older children.