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Full-size cribs come in a wide range of styles and finishes.

Every parent who buys a baby crib wants it to be stylish as well as safe. Our Best Reviewed DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Crib (*Est. $175) earns rave reviews from experts and consumers for its classic design that looks like it has been handed down from generation to generation. Made of sustainable New Zealand pine with a non-toxic finish, it's easy to assemble and converts to a toddler bed with an optional conversion kit (*Est. $60) or to a daybed.

For price, beauty, safety and quality, this is a choice that will please parents for many years.

With a more modern, simplistic design, the Ikea Gulliver Crib (*Est. $100) is a hit with its clean lines and ability to convert to a toddler bed and daybed without having to buy a conversion kit, giving you a lot of bang for the buck.

The much pricier Baby Cache Heritage 4-in-1 Lifetime Crib (*Est. $550) is praised for its rich hardwood styling with elegant detailing, and is truly made to last a lifetime. It converts to a toddler bed (*Est. $100 for the guardrail), daybed and a full-size bed (*Est. $200 for the kit), but if you plan to use it that long, be sure to purchase the conversion kits when you buy the crib. Many owners post complaints of the kits taking weeks or months to arrive, or of being a different finish shade when they finally do get them.

The Graco Lauren Convertible Crib (*Est. $149) doesn't need a kit to convert to a toddler bed or daybed, and it can become the headboard for a full-size bed, as well. A few users grumble about nicks, chips or other finish issues, but at least one expert says she knows parents who have used Graco cribs for years and with multiple children without experiencing any problems.

All of these cribs meet current federal safety regulations. In addition, the DaVinci, Baby Cache and Graco are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

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