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Smartphones extend your monitor's range to anywhere you are

One of the first smartphone-compatible baby monitors, the Withings Smart Baby Monitor (Est. $250), is still among the best, reviewers say. Parents can connect to the camera using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and they praise the easy setup and intuitive app. Owners say the image and sound quality are good, and they appreciate the Withings' impressive range of features, including a night-light, lullabies, intercom, temperature sensor and humidity sensor. But some criticize the camera unit's design, saying the clamshell-like base can block the image. Others report problems with dropped connections and wish for brighter night vision. 

Though it's not marketed specifically as a baby monitor, reviewers say the Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera (Est. $200) fills the role well. Like the Withings Smart Baby Monitor, it's easy even for the technologically impaired to set up and use. The camera streams images directly to Apple or Android devices, and users say video and audio quality is impressive. An intercom also lets parents talk to their babies. But owners say there is some sound and image lag, and they note that Dropcam may be an option only for those who have fast wireless networks and newer phones or tablets. And while recording is an option with the Dropcam, it's possible only through an add-on subscription plan.

WiFi Baby 2.0 (Est. $200) is another streaming option for Apple and Android devices. Reviewers are impressed with sound and image quality, and the monitor lets parents make recordings for free, unlike Dropcam Pro. Parents can also view up to four cameras at one time -- great for simultaneously monitoring a toddler in a playroom and a napping baby in a nursery, for instance. But several reviewers say setup can be too complex, and they dislike shelling out extra cash for the company's "recommended" viewing app. Unlike Dropcam Pro and the Withings Smart Baby Monitor, there is no intercom feature.

With a very close price point on all three of these monitors, the Withings is still the top choice in this ever-evolving market.

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