Snuza Hero Mobile Baby Movement Monitor

  • Can be used anywhere baby sleeps
  • Simple controls
  • Gives parents peace of mind
  • Can fall off diaper and cause false alarms
  • Can wake sleeping baby
  • Batteries may not last long

Bottom line

The Snuza Hero mobile baby movement monitor is one of the most popular, highly rated movement monitors. It clips onto the baby's diaper, providing a compact, portable way to monitor breathing anywhere your baby sleeps. Formerly called the Halo, the Hero vibrates and sounds an alarm if it doesn't detect any movement. But as with all motion monitors, false alarms are a risk.


A reassuring tic says baby is sleeping safely. Unlike traditional monitors, the Snuza Hero is a single unit that clips onto the baby's diaper. It makes a soft tic to indicate the baby is sleeping safely. If motion isn't detected after 15 seconds, the Hero vibrates to rouse the baby and encourage breathing. If motion isn't detected after 20 seconds, it sounds an alarm. Parents say there are few false alarms, but they do occur, often when the monitor falls off baby's diaper. Both the vibration and alarm can wake a sleeping baby. Users say that the alarm is loud and clear. Its placement inside baby's clothing eliminates interference from fans, crib mobiles and ambient movements that can affect other motion monitors.

Ease of use

Reliable in the right position. The compact Snuza Hero clips onto baby's diaper and can be positioned at the tummy or on the baby's side. Most parents say positioning the Hero is easy, but parents of very small infants report fit problems. Others find that they have to adjust diapers to ensure the Hero stays in place. Parents of tummy sleepers may have to opt for side positioning, which some say makes the Hero less sensitive to subtle, deep-sleep breathing. Parents also run the risk of waking a sleeping baby while putting on the monitor. The Hero comes with a non-standard, non-rechargeable battery; some users gripe that their batteries were dead out of the box or very short-lived.

Lifestyle features

Works anywhere baby sleeps. Unlike most motion monitors that use sensor pads placed under a crib mattress, the Snuza Hero can be used anywhere baby sleeps. It is compact and wireless, making it a good choice for families who co-sleep or want to monitor babies on the go. Parents of twins or multiples point out that mattress-based motion sensors can't be used for more than one baby sharing a sleep space. By contrast, the Hero offers isolated monitoring of the baby wearing it, making multiple units a viable way to monitor more than one baby in the same space. Still, parents who want extras such as night-lights and music will want to look at more traditional monitors.

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In more than 200 reviews, the Snuza Hero receives 4.5 stars out of 5. Users say the Snuza is lightweight, portable, easy to use and has a loud alarm. Others wish there was a handheld device for parents and say the Snuza isn't as comfortable for tummy sleepers and isn't as good a fit on very small babies.

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Owners give the Snuza Hero 4.6 out of 5 stars in more than 70 reviews, praising its simplicity, reliability and ease of use. A handful of reviewers say the monitor is unreliable because of false alarms, and a few others complain about battery life.

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3. New York Family

The Snuza Hero earns praise for its ease of use, snug fit and ability to gently vibrate to prod a baby after a period of no movement. The review is brief and no cons are reported.

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