WiFi Baby 2.0

  • Very good sound, image quality
  • Streams directly to Apple or Android devices
  • Recording is free
  • Tricky to set up
  • Smartphone app costs extra
  • No intercom, pan or tilt
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Bottom line

WiFi Baby 2.0 offers clear video and sound with a couple of interesting bonus features, reviewers say. Parents can record video from the monitor for free, and they can watch the action from up to four cameras at once. Technical support from the company is also superb, reviewers say. But the monitor suffers from ease-of-use issues such as a complex setup, and there is no intercom or remote pan and tilt.


Vivid images, short data lag. Reviewers say WiFi Baby 2.0 really shines with its vivid, clear images, especially at night. Users connect to the monitor using a wireless network via their computer, Android or Apple device. Though WiFi Baby seems to suffer from far fewer technical issues than similar wireless monitoring systems, some users still report difficulty connecting to the camera, especially via lower-speed networks. As with all wireless-enabled monitors, range is unlimited as long as there is a speedy Internet connection. Owners report a lag of up to a few seconds. They say sound is good, and experts say the microphone does a good job of filtering white noise.

Ease of use

Setup is a hassle, but customer support is good. Those with little technical know-how might be stumped when setting up WiFi Baby 2.0, reviewers say. One reviewer claims he has a computer science degree, and he still found setup tricky. On the bright side, parents rave about the company's technical support, saying they quickly helped solve problems to get the monitor up and running. The camera runs on A/C power and does not have a battery backup. WiFi Baby 2.0 does not have its own app, and the one the company recommends is pricey, parents complain. Users can monitor continuously or set sound-based intelligent alerts.

Lifestyle features

Watch four cameras at one time. WiFi Baby 2.0 allows you to access the monitor anywhere via cellular data networks or the Internet. It also boasts a couple of unique features: Parents can view up to four cameras on one screen, and they can record video to a microSD card kept in the camera unit. Since the recording is not Cloud-based, there is no additional charge. There is no pan or tilt, but there is digital zoom. Some reviewers wish for an intercom too. The camera is wired, and parents should be careful to place the cord out of baby's reach to reduce strangulation hazards.

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