Withings Smart Baby Monitor

Best smartphone-compatible baby monitor

  • Streams directly to Apple or Android devices
  • Very short image delay
  • Packed with features
  • Can connect via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Base may interfere with image
  • Some connection issues

Bottom line

Capable of connecting to your Apple or Android device from anywhere, the Withings Smart Baby Monitor is one of the most feature-packed -- and expensive -- monitors out there. Experts are impressed with the monitor's bells and whistles, including several customizable alerts, and they praise the simplicity of controls via an iOS or Android app. Parents love the Withings when it works, but several report connection issues.


Connection issues may be a problem. The Withings Smart Baby Monitor offers several ways to connect: using a wireless network, cellular data network, an Ethernet cable or Bluetooth. Experts praise this versatility, but many parents complain of dropped connections and bugs in the iOS and Android apps. On the plus side, reviewers report that there is relatively little lag time between the image capture and stream, and they say that overall the image quality is solid. Sound quality also earns praise. However, some say night vision is not as bright as it could be.

Ease of use

Hassle-free setup. Experts and most owners report that the Withings Smart Baby Monitor has a quick, easy setup and is easy to use. You can monitor continuously or set push notifications and alerts based on noise, movement or other features. Some users wish the camera could pan remotely because more active babies may crawl out of view. Parents may have to tinker with positioning if they want the monitor above the crib, because the clamshell-like base can interfere with the image. The camera comes with a clip to connect it to a crib rail, but this setup can pose a safety risk. The monitor has a rechargeable battery, but reviewers say it only lasts an hour before needing to be plugged in.

Lifestyle features

Access your baby anywhere. The Withings Smart Baby Monitor allows you to access the monitor anywhere via cellular data networks or the Internet. Though it used to charge a fee for unlimited remote monitoring, Withings now offers this free. Withings also allows three users to monitor the baby at the same time -- handy for two parents and an additional caregiver. Unlike other streaming monitors, the Withings does not require a local Wi-Fi channel. This enables you to take the monitor anywhere and connect to it via Bluetooth, making it a good travel monitor. The Withings also offers several nice extras including a night-light with customizable colors, seven lullabies and an intercom.

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