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Baby Bjorn Potty Chair

*Est. $26
May 2013
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Baby Bjorn Potty Chair

Best Potty Chair

  • Easy to clean
  • Stable, rubberized base
  • High back; armrests
  • Several color choices
  • Shallow bowl may not contain boys' messes
  • Bigger kids may find seat too narrow

Bottom Line

The Baby Bjorn Potty Chair is a perennial parent favorite for its simple, easy-to-clean design. Other lauded features include a hard-to-tip rubberized base and a high back that makes potty time a bit comfier for kids. However, some parents complain that the shallow bowl doesn't contain boys' messes, and others say the seat is too narrow for bigger children.

Ease Of Use

Simple, straightforward design. Reviewers say the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair is easy to clean, with a design that doesn't allow messes to hide and fester. The potty features a removable inner bowl and splashguard. Most owners say it's easy for their children to use, though some parents of boys say the bowl is too shallow to keep boys' messes under wraps. A few reviewers complain that the seat is too narrow for bigger kids, while a couple of others say the splashguard can poke kids who sit down too quickly. The potty does not convert to any kind of seat or stool. 

Lifestyle Features

Comfortable seat for training. The ergonomic Baby Bjorn Potty Chair earns a lot of praise for its high back and armrests, which parents say can make the seemingly endless potty-training process comfier for their kids. Reviewers also like the potty's simplicity -- there are no lights or sound effects to distract toddlers from their task -- and the six color choices. The wide base has a rubber ring, making the potty hard to tip, parents say. The potty's plastic is recyclable and PVC-free.

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Review Credibility: Very Good The Baby Bjorn Potty Chair is's top potty pick, earning a rating of 5 out of 5. The review praises the chair's high back and armrests, easy-to-clean bowl and splashguard. The potty also wins kudos for its simplicity and range of color choices. However, it is a bit pricey for a potty, the review notes.

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Review Credibility: Good Heather Corley calls the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair "a perennial favorite among parents" because of its simplicity and color choices. She also praises the chair's high back and says the potty is a good pick for kids who would be overstimulated by a potty with sounds, lights or other distractions. Her short review does not note any cons or compare the potty to others.

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Review Credibility: Good Leah Rocketto names the Baby Bjorn Potty Chair "the most stylish potty" in her roundup, praising the minimalist design and color choices. She also likes the high back and armrests. The very short review does not note any cons or compare the potty to others.

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