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Baby Potties: Ratings of Sources

Total of 13 Sources
1. Baby Bargains
Tenth Edition, 2013
Around the House: Monitors, Diaper Pails and Safety
by Denise and Alan Fields
Our Assessment"Baby Bargains," a comprehensive book by Denise and Alan Fields, reviews baby gear and common baby brands. The authors offer a brief overview of potty chairs versus potty seats and recommend a few specific potties. Their website offers up-to-date information, additional reviews, recall information and forums for parents to discuss baby products.
2. BabyCenter.com
Not dated
Baby Center Product Awards
by Editors of BabyCenter.com
Our AssessmentThe editors of BabyCenter.com teamed up with baby gear expert Jamie Grayson and looked at parent reviews from the BabyCenter.com blog and across the web. They also factored in their own experiences as parents and solicited input from more than 2,000 moms to pick the winners and runners up in their first annual Baby Center Product Awards. Six potties are included in the awards, two winners (mom's choice and editor's choice) and four runners up.
3. Babble.com
Not dated
Babble Best Picks: Training Potties
by Michelle Horton
Our AssessmentMichelle Horton's potty roundup picks top models in eight categories: best value, best looking, best potty ring, best for early learners, best for big toddlers, best for green families, best for travel and reader's choice. Reviews are thorough, noting cons and sometimes comparing models, too. It's unclear how the highlighted potties were chosen, however.
4. 3Best.net
Not dated
What are the 3 Best Travel Training Potties?
by Staci Smith
Our AssessmentStaci Smith's picks for her roundup are based on how portable the potty is, how well it folds and its versatility relative to others. She also considers price. The reviews are informative, noting both pros and cons, and a summary compares each potty for readers.
5. Amazon.com
As of May 2013
Baby Potties and Seats
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com is one of a parent's best resources for real-world reviews of baby potties. Reviews are often quite detailed and even-handed. Prospective buyers should read carefully, since reviewers sometimes wrongly fault a product for bad experiences with a seller or shipping. Readers should also beware of older reviews, which might discuss an older version of a product with flaws that have been addressed.
6. Bestcovery.com
April 3, 2013
Best Potty Chair
by "Mamie C."
Our AssessmentBestcovery.com makes five picks in the category of Best Potty Chair -- no potty seats are reviewed. The short reviews are informative, but they are not comparative and do not note many cons, if any, for each seat. The product guide "expert" chooses top picks, and runners-up are based on user reviews from around the web.
7. About.com
Not dated
8 Great Potty Chairs for Toddlers
by Heather Corley
Our AssessmentHeather Corley is About.com's baby products expert. Her picks include short but informative reviews. However, the reviews don't note cons, and it's unclear what methodology she used to make the picks. Her picks also include a couple of discontinued models, indicating that this may be an older list.
8. Parenting
Not dated
Best Potty Training Products
by Alina Soler
Our AssessmentAlina Soler's roundup features potties as well as potty-training accessories. The reviews of each potty are informative but short, and they don't discuss cons or compare each model. It's also unclear how she picked the included models.
9. Apartment Therapy.com
Oct. 24, 2011
Potty Talk: 10 Best Potties
by Elisabeth Wilborn
Our AssessmentApartmentTherapy.com is a design blog, and Elisabeth Wilborn's roundup focuses on potties that are easy on the eyes. The reviews are very short and mostly positive, but several parents chime in to offer real-world product advice in the comments.
10. TheBump.com
Not dated
10 Best Potties
by Leah Rocketto
Our AssessmentLeah Rocketto includes 10 potties in her roundup. The reviews are very short and don't note any cons or compare products. The methodology behind the picks is also unclear.
11. Parents.com
Not dated
Creative Potty-Training Gear
by Brooklyn Presta
Our AssessmentBrooklyn Presta's roundup features potties as well as potty-training accessories. The reviews of each potty are informative but short, and they don't discuss cons or compare each model. It's also unclear how she picked the included models.
12. BabyGizmo.com
Not dated
Potty Training
by Editors of BabyGizmo.com
Our AssessmentBabyGizmo.com offers an overview of major types of potties, including important features. It also lists five editor's choice picks, but it does not review the potties or compare them.
How to Select the Best Potty Chair?
by Editors of PottyTrainingConcepts.com
Our AssessmentPottyTrainingConcepts.com offers a very detailed overview of major types of potties, including pros and cons for each. It also lists most popular models for each type of potty, but it's unclear whether those recommendations are based on any sort of editors' picks or parent feedback, or whether they are simply top sellers.
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