Baby Gate for Stairs

Updated March 31, 2013
KidCo Safeway
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Best Baby Gate for Stairs

KidCo Safeway

The best top of stair gate mounts with hardware, even on irregular openings

Falling is the biggest hazard for children or parents at the top of the stairs. For this reason, top of stair safety gates should always be mounted with hardware into wall studs or banisters. Many stairwell openings are irregular, and configuring a gate to fit securely can be a challenge even for very handy parents. The is a top choice for stairs, because it offers flexible and secure mounting options to fit a variety of openings.

In addition to its most basic model, the Safeway comes in a number of other models with angled mounting options, making it much easier to place in irregular openings. Some Safeway models are also available with extensions and in different finish options to match any décor.

Another popular choice for top of stairs mounting is the . The Evenflo gate has less versatile mounting options, but at 32 inches high it is a good option for parents with tall kids.

Another hazard for gates used at the top of the stairs is tripping. The Safeway and the Evenflo gates do not have threshold bars, eliminating this potential obstacle. For additional safety at the top of the stairs, the Safeway gate's door only swings in one direction, so it can't swing out -- potentially knocking someone down the stairs. The Evenflo door is bidirectional, but it can be locked to swing only in one direction; however, some parents say the bottom of the gate can be breached, making the KidCo Safeway the top choice for safety.