Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate Review

Updated March 31, 2013
Evenflo Soft and Wide Crosstown Gate

Reviewers say the Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate is an easy and inexpensive way to block off larger openings between rooms. Comprised of a metal frame with a fabric barrier, this pressure mounted gate can be stretched to cover openings of up to 5 feet. However, the gate will not be practical for all situations, because there is no walk through gate for parents and adults. It was formerly known as the Crosstown.

SafetyProsPressure mounted installation won't damage paint/walls, Lightweight; easy to mount and remove, Extends to fit 5-foot openingsConsNo doorway, No extensions available

However, the gate does not have a walk-through gate for parents, which means that it can pose a tripping risk for parents attempting to step over it. It measures just 20 inches tall, which means taller toddlers and older children will be able to hook a leg over and scale it. The lack of walk-through gate also means that the gate isn't a safe option for the bottom of stairs or other areas that families need ready access to.

Ease Of Use

Better as a temporary wall than a gate. Because the Evenflo Soft and Wide lacks a walk-through gate, it may not be the best choice for high traffic areas. However, if you need a wall and not a gate, the Soft and Wide may be a simple to use option that will not damage the paint on your walls. If you need easy access to the walled off area, a gate with a walk-through door likely will be a better option.

With that said, according to owners, the Evenflo Soft and Wide gate is quick and easy to install between two solid surfaces. The gate can also be removed and stowed against a wall when not in use. Babies can lean against the gate comfortably and can see through it easily. Reviewers say the fabric easily wipes clean of greasy hand and face marks.

Specialty Features

Adjustable to 5 feet. The Evenflo Soft and Wide gate is a very basic system that provides a soft adjustable barrier with no other features. According to owners, its predecessor, the collapsible and portable Crosstown, could collapse unintentionally when mounted to a wall. Evenflo has solved this problem by making the Soft and Wide sturdier. It comes with a 90-day warranty.

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