KidCo Gateway

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May 2013
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KidCo Gateway

  • Quick, tool-free mounting
  • Many extensions for wide openings
  • Wide, bidirectional doorway
  • Instructions are hard to follow
  • Pressure can damage drywall or paint
  • Lower stabilizing bar may be tripping hazard
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Bottom Line

The KidCo Gateway (formerly called the KidCo Center Gateway) uses secure pressure mounts that don't require drilling into the wall. Most users say these gates are quick and easy to install, and they are child-proof without being too hard for adults to open and close. The basic gate fits a range of openings from 29 to 37 inches; extensions are available to fit up to 73.5 inches. The Gateway is also available in auto close and extra tall models.


Solid pressure-mounted installation. Consumers say that when properly tensioned, the pressure-mounted KidCo Gateway is sturdy, stable, and reliable -- with one reviewer saying that it is strong enough to stand up to the rigors of a daycare setting. A bar across the gate's bottom means that the Gateway maintains its stability when open. However, users warn that the bar is a tripping hazard and that over time, kicking the bar may destabilize the gate and require more tensioning. It is not recommended for use at the top of stairs because of this tripping hazard.

The Gateway features vertical, tubular spindles that don't have footholds for adventuresome climbers, and they don't have sharp edges to catch clothing or cause injury. Most users say the Gateway's latch is secure when the gate is carefully closed. The basic model has to be manually closed, but it clicks when locked into place. A few reviewers say that it is possible for strong children and possibly toddlers to bypass the gate's locking mechanism and lift the gate open.

Ease Of Use

Installation requires muscle. Users say that it is quick and easy to install the KidCo Gateway, but it takes some muscle to get it properly tensioned. Although the Gateway does not have to be mounted with hardware, it needs to be placed between two strong walls or surfaces, such as a door jamb or a wall that has a stud behind it. Reaching the required tension on a drywall surface alone may cause the gate to break through the wall. Owners also say the Gateway generally stays in place, but kicking can loosen the bottom threshold bar over time, so the gates may need to be re-tensioned every few months.

The Gateway has a wide opening that swings easily in both directions. The door opens by depressing a catch button and lifting the handle. Most say they can accomplish this with one hand, though it can take some practice.

Specialty Features

Extensions are included in the basic package. The KidCo Gateway comes with an extension that widens it to a maximum of 37 inches. Additional extensions can widen the gate by up to 73 inches (*Est. Prices vary). Consumers note that the included gate extender eliminates a hidden cost, as many other brands don't include extensions. In addition to the extensions, the Gateway gate can be mounted against stairway posts using a Y-spindle adapter (*Est. $9), making the gate a good option for blocking off the bottom of a staircase. Gateway also comes in an Auto Close model (*Est. $70) and an Extra Tall and Wide model (*Est. $80).

Gateway gates are available in white or black metal. They have a one-year warranty.

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