KidCo Safeway Review

Updated March 31, 2013
KidCo Safeway

Designed for use at the top of stairways, the KidCo Safeway features a secure hardware mounting system that is stable and secure. Experts and owners say the Safeway gate is well-made and easy to mount and use. It has a directional stop to prevent it from swinging out over the stairs. The basic model secures openings of 24 to 43 inches and can be mounted at an angle. There is a wide range of other models available.

SafetyProsSecure hardware mount safe for top of stairs, Sturdy metal build and secure latch, Easy to remove gate from hardware mounting when not in useConsGate does not swing closed automatically, No extra-tall option limits its usability for older children

The Safeway gate door only opens in one direction to ensure that the doorway won't swing out over the stairs. There is no crossbar at the bottom of the gate to trip over. Most users say that the latch is secure, but it should be noted that the gate will not swing shut on its own, and care must be taken to ensure that the gate is closed after each use. The Safeway features vertical spindles that don't have footholds for children to climb. The majority of users say these spindles are amazingly strong.

Ease Of Use

Surprisingly simple installation. One consumer says he spent extra time installing the KidCo Safeway gate; he "didn't believe it could be as straightforward as the instructions suggested." Feedback on the Safeway's latching mechanism is more mixed. Many say that they can operate the latch with one hand. Others say that the bolt connection is uncomfortable to lift up and poorly designed. Despite the fact that the doorway is one-directional for safety, some users want more flexibility from the gate and are frustrated by this design. Others wish that the gate closed automatically.

Specialty Features

Multiple finishes to match your décor. Most reviewers and consumers say that the KidCo Safeway is attractive and does not intrude on the existing décor. The gate features slim spindles, and the basic model is available in black or white metal. Safeway gates are also available in light or dark wood, or a combination of dark or light wood and metal. The door styles vary slightly by size, and only the metal angle-mount version (G2100 and G2101) can be used with extensions. All finish types have the angle-mounting option. Only the basic G200 and G2001 metal gates don't come with angle mounts.

If you have an irregular stairway opening, the Safeway can be purchased with a hinged mounting system for greater flexibility. There is also a kit to attach the gate to stair balusters without drilling into the wood. All KidCo gates have a one-year warranty.

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