KidCo Safeway

Updated March 31, 2013
KidCo Safeway

Bottom Line

Designed for use at the top of stairways, the KidCo Safeway features a secure hardware mounting system that is stable and secure. Experts and owners say the Safeway gate is well-made and easy to mount and use. It has a directional stop to prevent it from swinging out over the stairs. The basic model secures openings of 24 to 43 inches and can be mounted at an angle. There is a wide range of other models available.


Mounts securely to stairwells using hardware mounts. The KidCo Safeway gate mounts to walls or stairwells using hardware that must be drilled into a wall stud or stairway post. This hard form of mounting ensures that the gate cannot be knocked free. According to parents and reviewers, the basic Safeway's hardware mounts create a highly stable gate that kids can even hang from.

ProsSecure hardware mount safe for top of stairs, Sturdy metal build and secure latch, Easy to remove gate from hardware mounting when not in useConsGate does not swing closed automatically, No extra-tall option limits its usability for older children

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