The First Years Hands Free Gate Review

Updated March 31, 2013
The First Years Hands Free Gate

The First Years Hands Free Gate has a foot-operated pedal that will open for an adult's weight but not for a child's. Parents say this gate is a must for high traffic areas that parents have to navigate with their hands full. Owners say this metal gate is sturdy and reliable, but they warn that you may have to tune up the tension and that the pressure mounts can peel paint off walls.

SafetyProsOpens with foot pedal, Sturdy metal construction, Swings closed with an audible clickConsPressure mounts may damage walls/paint, Gate may need regular adjustments, Plastic foot pedal may break

Unlike many gates that lock at the top, the Hands Free Gate's main lock is on the bottom near the foot pedal. This design makes it nearly impossible for fingers to get pinched during opening and closing. A couple of parents report that the top of the gate is less secure than the bottom, but this doesn't affect the gate's overall security. The gate can be kicked closed, and users say it clicks audibly to indicate a secure latch.

The Hands Free Gate is pressure-mounted, making it an appropriate choice for between doorways and the bottom of stairways, but not for the top of stairs or where falling is a hazard. Most users say that the pressure mounted installation is sturdy and solid, as long as the pressure mounts are tensioned just right. When the tension is off, the door does not close securely and the gate can be breached by toddlers. The gate features vertical spindles that don't offer climbers a foothold.

Ease Of Use

Look, ma, no hands! The First Years Hands Free Gate's chief selling point is that it's truly hands-free convenience. Owners say that the foot-operated pedal means that they are willing to use it more consistently.

Many users say that installing the Hands Free Gate is quick and easy. However, some say getting the tension just right can be tricky, particularly if you are using extensions. Some also say that keeping the gate working properly requires regular maintenance. If the tension isn't set correctly, the foot pedal can get stiff and may even break. A too-stiff pedal will also make it harder to close the gate. People who get the tension right say the gate operates flawlessly. Some also say that the mechanism on the gate is too loud. Others appreciate this feature, saying it alerts them when the gate is in use.

Finally, the Hands Free Gate pressure mounts are spongy, and some say that they can peel away paint and even pull off drywall when the gate is removed after its been in place for a while. Inventive parents work around this issue by placing protective silicone, waxed or parchment paper, or other materials between the pressure mounts and the walls.

Specialty Features

A basic gate with optional extensions. The First Years Hands Free Gate is a basic white metal gate, but most parents say it blends in well. The basic gate comes with one extension that can fit in an opening of 29 inches to 34 inches. An additional 5-inch extension is available as an optional purchase (*Est. $16) to increase the width to 39 inches. It comes with a 90-day warranty.

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