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Updated April 30, 2014
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Fisher Price Fold 'N Stow Swing
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Fisher Price Fold 'N Stow Swing

Portable swings are ideal for small-space living or travel

There's no need to sacrifice on a quality swing just because you live in a small home or are constantly on the go. If you want a swing with a small footprint that folds up for storage, the portable baby swing is made for you.

Parents say the Fisher-Price Fold 'N Stow Swing (Est. $100) makes traveling a breeze, plus it has a smaller footprint than a full-size swing, without sacrificing all the bells and whistles. It has six speed settings, two recline positions and 10 music options, and parents say it's very easy to take on the go or move from room to room.

Like other portable swings, the Fisher-Price Fold 'N Stow Swing is very low to the ground and only takes batteries. However, reviewers are very pleased with the sound quality, considering its size. Complaints about this swing are sparse, but some parents find the lowest speed too fast for newborns. Other reviewers note that the mobile seems boring to some babies.

The Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing & Seat (Est. $80) can lock into place and vibrate gently. Reviewers say the Space Saver is easy to assemble and transport, and most are satisfied with battery life. They also like the colorful design, but some say the padding is thin and that newborns may slump without extra head support. Others say the included toy bar is boring and awkwardly placed and that there doesn't seem to be much difference between the swing's six speeds.

The Bright Starts Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing (Est. $70) is a longtime travel-swing favorite. Parents say the frame is easy to set up and folds nearly flat, making the swing an ideal choice for parents who frequently hit the road. The Comfort & Harmony has a five-point harness, but some reviewers say their babies slip out of the harness when the seat is in its upright position. It's probably not the best choice for a full-time, dedicated swing as many owners say the swing's motor lacks power when supporting a heavier baby, and there are some reports of swings that would work only when they were empty. It's important to note that all swings will slow down somewhat as your baby gets heavier.

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