Baby Swings : Ratings of Sources

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Baby Swings: Ratings of Sources

1. Baby Bargains Around the House: Monitors, Diaper Pails, Safety & More, Denise and Alan Fields, 11th Edition, 2015
Denise and Alan Fields recommend a handful of swings based on expert testing and parents' reviews, as well as information from manufacturers and retailers. Their website offers up-to-date information, additional reviews, recall information and forums for parents to discuss baby products.
2. The Search for the Best Baby Swing, Dana Ganssle Ellis and Baby Gear Lab Editors, March 3, 2015
The editors of review nine popular high chairs, subjecting them to tests that include ease of use, ease of cleaning, setup and portability. Product reviews are highly descriptive and detailed, going through each high chair feature by feature and discussing how it fared during testing. Separate pages offer reviews and rankings of six portable high chairs.
3. The Best Baby Swing, Shelley Preston, Not Dated
Preston researched and tested eight different swings to make her pick. The review includes detailed rundowns of pros and cons, and a runner-up for parents who may want different features. A detailed buying guide also helps parents focus on what's really important in a baby swing.
4. 2016 Moms' Picks: Best Baby Swings & Bouncers, Editors of, 2016
Credibility: names an overall winner and five finalists in the swing and bouncer category of its annual Moms' Picks Awards, based on results of a survey of more than 8,000 parents. Picks are accompanied by editors' reviews and ratings, and quotes from parents. Special awards are also given for value, quality, looks, ease of use and space-saving abilities. The site also has in-depth reviews on other swings.
5. Baby Swings & Hybrids, Aquina Aiga, April 20, 2015
Credibility: is a site devoted to recommending the best baby gear for new parents. Founder Meg Collins is a former Child Passenger Safety Technician. Aiga recommends four swings and swing hybrids at a variety of price points.
6. Baby List Best Bouncers and Swings, Editors of Baby List, May 20, 2016
Credibility: is a universal baby-gear registry that expectant parents can use with any online retailer. Editors base bouncer and swing picks on what's popular with users and their own research. This roundup features five picks for several lifestyles, including a budget option, splurge and portable pick.
7. Baby Swing Buying Guide, Editors of, May 2016
Credibility: no longer reviews and ranks baby swings, but its buying guide is a helpful starting point for parents who may not be familiar with these products. Editors cover types of baby swings, features, brands and shopping tips.
8. Swings , Editors of, As of October 2016
Credibility: founder Hollie Schultz is known for her balanced, in-depth reviews of baby products. She includes a handful of swing reviews on her site, several of which include videos of her demonstrating various features.
9. Swings, Contributors to, As of October 2016
Credibility: is an invaluable source of thoughtful, in-depth customer reviews of baby swings. They also give a glimpse into the long-term, real-life ease of use and durability for a given swing, and highlight safety issues that may crop up.
10. Swings, Contributors to, As of October 2016
While does not have the volume of reviews that has, the posts tend to be detailed and thorough. Quite a few swings are reviewed here, and several of our top picks get a large amount of feedback. Like, uses a 5-star rating system, but when there is more than one model or fabric option, reviews tend to be scattered across the site.
11. Babies 'R' Us Baby Swings, Contributors to, As of October 2016
Babies "R" Us sells a wide range of swings, including some exclusive products, but reviews aren't quite as detailed as those on and Buyers rank products on a 5-star scale and note whether they would recommend each product to a friend.
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