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Baby Swings: Ratings of Sources

Total of 19 Sources
1. Baby Bargains
10th Edition, 2013
Around the House: Monitors, Diaper Pails, Safety & More
by Denise and Alan Fields
Our AssessmentDenise and Alan Fields recommend a handful of swings based on expert testing and parents' reviews, as well as information from manufacturers and retailers. Their website offers up-to-date information, additional reviews, recall information and forums for parents to discuss baby products.
2. BabyCenter.com
Not Dated
The Best Baby Swings and Bouncers
by Editors of BabyCenter.com
Our AssessmentThe editors of BabyCenter.com pick eight top bouncers and swings based on parents' reviews and their own experiences. The short reviews are informative, noting both pros and cons, though they don't compare products.
3. SheKnows.com
Not Dated
SheKnows Parenting Awards 2012
by Editors of SheKnows.com
Our AssessmentSheKnows.com editors pick four top swings and bouncers after testing a broad range of products. Parents vote for their favorites among them. The reviews are short, don't note any cons and don't compare the swings and bouncers.
4. HomegrownBabies.com
Not Dated
Baby Swing Reviews
by Editors of HomegrownBabies.com
Our AssessmentHomegrown Babies is a North Carolina-based doula service. Editors pick the best overall swing, best swing for older babies and best budget cradle swing. Each review is very thorough, listing important details and noting pros and cons for each pick. The methodology behind the picks is unclear, however.
5. MomFinds.com
Not Dated
Best Baby Bouncers
by Editors of MomFinds.com
Our AssessmentEditors of MomFinds.com name the best bouncers in several categories and offer a buyer's guide in this review. While short, the reviews are informative and note both pros and cons for each model. It's not clear what criteria they used to make their picks.
6. Amazon.com
As of May 2014
Baby Swings
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com is one of the best resources for real-world reviews of swings and bouncers. Reviews are often quite detailed and evenhanded. Prospective buyers should read carefully, since reviewers sometimes wrongly fault a product for bad experiences with a seller or shipping. Readers should also beware of very old reviews, which might discuss an older version of a product that has been updated.
7. Buzzillions.com
As of May 2014
Baby Swing & Cradle Reviews
by Contributors to Buzzillions.com
Our AssessmentBuzzillions.com is another helpful owner-review product site. It sometimes has more reviews for each particular product than Amazon.com, but reviews are not quite as detailed. One helpful feature tallies each listed pro and con, so prospective buyers don't have to comb through every review quite as thoroughly.
8. Babies 'R' Us
As of May 2014
Baby Swings
by Contributors to Babies "R" Us
Our AssessmentBabies "R" Us features owner reviews on a wide variety of the most popular baby-gear products, including some exclusive to the store. This site does not garner as many reviews as Amazon.com, but owner reviews tend to be thorough and cover pros and cons of each product.
9. Walmart.com
As of May 2014
Baby: Swings
by Contributors to Walmart.com
Our AssessmentWalmart.com is a helpful source for owner reviews of popular baby-gear products, particularly budget choices that may not have many reviews on sites such as Amazon.com. Owners rate swings on a five-star scale for value, durability, features, setup and whether they met expectations.
10. Target.com
As of May 2014
by Contributors to Target.com
Our AssessmentTarget.com is a helpful source for owner reviews of popular baby-gear products, including some higher-end brands and brands exclusively sold at Target. Owners rate swings on a five-star scale for entertainment, quality and value.
11. BuyBuyBaby.com
As of May 2014
by Contributors to BuyBuyBaby.com
Our AssessmentBuyBuyBaby.com, another major baby-product retailer, features mid-range and higher-end baby products. It also offers owner reviews of baby gear on its website, but reviews tend to be brief, and there are fewer reviews than at larger retail and online baby-product sites.
12. About.com
Not Dated
Baby Swings, Exersaucers and Bouncy Seats
by Heather Corley
Our AssessmentHeather Corley is About.com's baby products expert. Her reviews are detailed, listing pros and cons, and include a bottom line -- whether a parent should buy a product -- as well as a rating on a five-star scale.
13. FisherPrice.com
As of May 2014
by Contributors to FisherPrice.com
Our AssessmentFisherPrice.com is an e-commerce site that sells Fisher-Price baby gear and products. While owners leave reviews, this site does not garner as many reviews as Amazon.com. However, owner reviews tend to be thorough and cover pros and cons of each product.
14. GracoBaby.com
As of May 2014
Swings and Soothers
by Contributors to GracoBaby.com
Our AssessmentGracoBaby.com is the website for Graco products. While we don't normally trust reviews from a manufacturer's website, in this case even negative reviews are featured. The reviews are helpful not only to see the real-word application of the product, but also long-term durability and Graco customer service responses to problems.
15. TheBump.com
Not Dated
10 Best Baby Swings
by Sarah Yang
Our AssessmentSarah Yang discusses 10 swings in this roundup of the best swings to give mom a break. The reviews are very short and don't note any cons or compare products, but Yang is a prolific blogger for The Bump and does a lot of product roundups. We're not sure how she made her picks, but they are some of the top swings we see in other roundups.
16. iVillage.com
Jan. 29, 2013
The 10 Best Bouncy Seats for Your Baby (So You Can Have Lunch!)
by Bonnie Vengrow
Our AssessmentBonnie Vengrow's roundup features 10 high-end bouncers. The short reviews don't note any cons or compare products, and the methodology behind the picks is unclear. The focus seems to be on modern and cute bouncers, but Vengrow notes that they can help quiet a crying baby and are a new mom must-have.
17. BabyGizmo.com
Not Dated
Bouncers & Infant Seats
by Editors of BabyGizmo.com
Our AssessmentBabyGizmo.com editors offer a general overview of what to look for in a bouncer, including important features. They also list five Editor's Choice picks, but do not review the bouncers or compare them to other models.
18. PopSugar.com
April 29, 2011
Top Swings, Bouncers and Exersaucers
by Editors of PopSugar.com
Our AssessmentMoms name their must-have baby items in an informal survey. The article quotes parents on why the products were their top picks, but does not offer thorough reviews or compare and contrast the products.
19. BuyModernBaby.com
March 7, 2012
"Bouncer Most Likely to Chill Your Baby" 2012 Cribsie Awards Finalists
by Editors of BuyModernBaby.com
Our AssessmentBuyModernBaby.com's Cribsie Awards are based on a range of products nominated by parents and selected by editors. Parents then vote for their favorites to pick the final winners. However, as BuyModernBaby.com is a high-end retailer, the products are all on the expensive side. The short reviews do not note any cons
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