Health o meter 402KL

Best professional scale

  • Accurate, consistent
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to assemble
  • 450-pound weight capacity
  • Bulky and difficult to store
  • Bland appearance

Bottom line

The Health o meter Professional Upright Scale 402KL is accurate and reliable, owners say, as long as it's properly calibrated. Because it functions mechanically rather than electronically, it's less susceptible to inaccuracies over time or due to low batteries. Assembly and use are simple, and it also offers a height measurement tool. The Health o meter is an excellent choice for those who want a simple, yet accurate weight-measurement instrument.


Highly accurate, consistent readings. In addition to measuring weight, the Health o meter Professional measures height, between 30 and 78 inches. As long as the scale is calibrated, it has impeccable accuracy. One owner reviewing it on Amazon points out, "This is a balance beam, so you're simply balancing your weight with the counterweight. There are no springs that get weaker or change with the weather, no strain gauges that vary based on your foot's proximity to the corners."

Measurements are consistent, according to the owners who positively review this scale on Amazon, and weights are measured in 0.25-pound increments. One owner notes, "It is such a great deal to know that this scale gives me a consistent weight every time. Nothing affects it…."

Ease of use

Easy to assemble and simple to use. Reviewers say this scale is easy to use and read because the controls are at chest level. However, one user posting a review to Amazon says, "The sliding weights don't fit firmly into grooves like the older high quality ones did. You have to fiddle with the weights to get them to stay in place."

Measuring weight is simple. Just stand on the platform and adjust the weight until the beam is balanced; weight is measured in pounds and kilograms.

Assembly is the initial challenge. To calibrate the scale, users simply adjust one of the bolts with the included tool until the indicator floats evenly between the constraints at the end of the beam. The included directions are reportedly simple to follow.


Accuracy maintained over time. The scale is completely mechanical in function, leaving little room for error, unless one of the parts should break. However, the balance beam, on which the user's weight is read, is made of plastic, and some users say that it's flimsy and the numbers wear off over time. There are also a few complaints that the scale doesn't seem as heavy-duty as claimed.

Overall, this scale maintains its accuracy over time. One owner who reviews the Health o meter scale at Amazon says, "I am still happily using this scale without any problems at all. It is still a good match for the doctor's scale and also for my veterinarian's scale when we weigh our dog. This has helped me lose 65 pounds and keep it off." The Health o meter Professional Upright Scale 402KL is backed by a lengthy 10-year warranty.


Bulky and difficult to store. This scale resembles those you'd see in medical offices and at the gym. It's a bit bulky, users say, and because of its height it's difficult to store in a closet. The finish is black and white and not particularly stylish, but users who prefer function over form don't mind its appearance. The Health o meter is more expensive compared to most mechanical bathroom models, but owners agree its durability and accuracy is worth the price.

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There are only a handful of reviews for this scale, but most are long and detailed. Reviewers say that the Health o meter scale is a durable analog scale, and although it's expensive, it's worth the price for its accuracy.

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This medical scale gets 4.3 stars out of 5 in about 220 reviews at Owners generally agree that this scale is very accurate, reliable and well built, though some assembly is required. A couple of owners had trouble with assembly or with Health o meter's customer service.

Review: HealthOMeter 402KL Physician Balance Beam Scale, Contributors to, As of March 2014

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