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Today's rechargeable batteries are powerful and long-lasting

Experts agree that rechargeable batteries have come a long way. The latest rechargeables last longer, charge up faster -- and many come pre-charged out of the box.'s Darren Murph says, "there's really no excuse to not invest in at least one set of rechargeable batteries if you find yourself chewing through more than a few on a regular basis." Experts agree that one of the best rechargeable battery brands on the market is Sanyo's Eneloop.

Reviews prove that the Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries can effectively power high-drain devices like cameras and other portable electronics. Experts have tested the Eneloops in many different ways, and each time, the Eneloops did well. In a test conducted by's Brian Nadel, for instance, the Eneloops successfully ran a CD player continuously for 13 hours and 35 minutes and a flashlight for four hours and 45 minutes. How did the Energizer bunny's rechargeable fair? They only powered the CD player for four hours and 32 minutes and a flashlight for an hour and 53 minutes.

When Choice magazine decided to estimate the amount of photos that could be taken with batteries powering the flashing cameras, the Sanyo Eneloops didn't fair as well against Duracell Rechargeable. The former was found to be able to take nearly 350 flash shots with a camera while the Duracell Rechargeable was estimated to be able to take 470 photos. Along the same vane, in a digital camera test conducted by's Darren Murph pitting Eneloops against Energizer's Recharge, outputs were pretty much comparable. Even so, Murph recommends the Sanyo Eneloop because it has roughly more charge cycles than Energizer Recharge and Duracell.

Aside from having impressive battery lives, you can charge and recharge the Sanyo batteries up to 1,500 times, so a battery can theoretically last roughly 30 years if you charge it just once a week. Nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries like Sanyo Eneloops are known to lose power quickly while not being used. Eneloops, however, don't easily lose power, with experts and owners reporting a full charge after even three months of disuse. They also recharge faster than Duracell and Energizer models. This superior charging, longevity and good performance leads us to name the Sanyo Eneloops as our best reviewed rechargeable battery.

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