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Duracell CopperTop

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February 2013
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Duracell CopperTop alkaline

Best disposable alkaline batteries

  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Mediocre performance
  • Potential leakage
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Bottom Line

Duracell CopperTop alkaline batteries are a decent choice if you're looking to buy non-rechargeable

cells since they are reported to be reliable and affordable. Expert opinion chooses Duracell CopperTop over more expensive alkalines, because there is no significant difference in quality between them for this reason.

Staying Power

CopperTops have a decent lifespan.'s Zach Honig tested a number of rechargeable and disposable batteries. In his tests, Duracell CopperTop came in second. The CopperTop batteries captured 1,204 shots without flash and 668 shots with flash. reviewer Sarah Schmitt calls herself a "Coppertop convert" after the batteries lasted four times longer than Energizer rechargeables when used with her Canon digital point-and-shoot camera. Three weeks into using the batteries with her camera, she still hadn't worn them out. She also mentions that her CopperTops outperformed Energizer rechargeables when she used them for her Xbox controllers.


Comparable to more expensive batteries. Reviews say that there isn't a big difference in quality between alkaline batteries at different price points. CopperTop are frequently recommended because of their relative value. CopperTops receive mostly glowing 5-star reviews on, where customers rave about their reliability and good price. Some of the 1-star reviews complain of opened packages and battery leakage.

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Review Credibility: Excellent Several different batteries are tested here, including the CopperTop. Reviewers load the batteries into an 8-megapixel Canon PowerShot, with and without flash, and shoot until the batteries are completely drained. The CopperTop performs well here, coming in second to Energizer.

Review: AA Battery Test, Zach Honig, Dec. 16, 2008


Review Credibility: Very Good Two teams of students led by a professor -- an undergraduate and a graduate team -- test batteries over the course of several months. Among alkaline batteries, the testers find no difference between Duracell, Energizer and other top brands.

Review: Test Results That Will Change the Way You Buy Batteries Forever, Mitch Lipka, March 31, 2011


Review Credibility: Fair Duracell CopperTop AA batteries earn an overall rating of 4.3 stars from over 500 users at More than 350 reviewers give it perfect 5-star ratings. Those who aren't pleased with the battery complain of leakage.

Review: Duracell Coppertop Alkaline Batteries, Contributors to, As of February 2013

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