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*Est. $11 for 4 AA
Energizer Recharge

  • Quick to recharge
  • Decent battery life
  • Low charge cycle
  • Slightly larger than standard AAs

Bottom Line

While reviewers recommend Energizer's rechargeable batteries, the recommendations come with a couple of caveats. For example, the batteries are a bit bigger than standard AAs, which can make them a bit difficult to insert and remove, as pointed out by an reviewer who ran into trouble when using them in a small flashlight. Energizer Recharge batteries don't last nearly as long as the top-rated Sanyo Eneloop (Est. $15 for 4 AA) batteries.

Staying Power

Decent battery life. Choice magazine gives Energizer Recharge batteries a score of 85 percent, having been able to take 480 shots in one charge.'s tests yield no notable difference in performance between Energizer and two other brands.'s Brian Lam has a totally different experience. When he tests the Energizer rechargeables along with Duracell's rechargeable batteries by using them with an LED flashlight, Energizer's rechargeables don't even come close to Duracell's performance. At, Brian Nadel expresses his disappointment with Energizer rechargeables, noting that they lasted only one hour and 53 minutes on a flashlight and four hours and 32 minutes on a CD player.


Limited charge cycle. Even though Energizer's rechargeables performed just as well as Sanyo's Eneloops in's tests, reviewer Darren Murph still recommends the Eneloops because they can be recharged up to 1,500 times, compared to Energizer's rechargeables, which can withstand only 500 charge cycles.

The batteries also aren't the fastest to recharge, but they're not exceedingly slow either. It took Brian Nadel at two hours and 35 minutes to recharge two Energizer AA rechargeables, an hour less than it took to recharge Sanyo's Eneloops. He also says that Energizer's 15-minute charger is not as fast as the company claims it is, but that it did recharge a set of AA batteries in 22 minutes.

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Our Sources


Review Credibility: Excellent Brian Nadel tests batteries by using them on a flashlight and CD player. The results are disappointing -- the Energizer batteries last about a third as long as the Duracell.

Review: Rechargeable Batteries Test, Brian Nadel, March 22, 2010


Review Credibility: Excellent Darren Murph tests Energizer rechargeable batteries using a Nikon SB-600 flash device, pitting them against Sanyo Eneloops and PowerGenix rechargeables. The three batteries exhibit similar results during testing, but in the end Murph recommends the Eneloops due to the thousands of charge cycles promised by Sanyo.

Review: AA Rechargeable Battery Shootout: Energizer, PowerGenix and Sanyo Eneloop, Darren Murph, May 12, 2010


Review Credibility: Excellent In Brian Lam's tests, Energizer's rechargeables fail to keep up with Duracell's, lasting only between two and 3.5 hours, whereas Duracell's batteries last for five to 6.5 hours.

Review: Battlemodo: Energizer vs Duracell Rechargeable Batteries, Brian Lam, Feb. 12, 2009

4. Choice magazine

Review Credibility: Excellent Choice magazine editors use a digital camera simulator to test 19 different batteries, including Energizer's rechargeables. The batteries are ranked second, having scored 85 percent overall next to Energizer's lithium batteries.

Review: High Capacity Batteries Review, Editors of Choice, June 14, 2008


Review Credibility: Fair Energizer's rechargeable batteries get an overall score of 3.6 out of 5 stars, based on over 300 reviews. More than 150 users award the batteries a perfect 5 stars, but more than 100 reviewers give it 2 stars or less. Complaints include batteries that discharge quickly even when not used and batteries that can't hold a charge after a relatively short period of time.

Review: Energizer New Recharge Batteries, AA, Contributors to, As of February 2013

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