Energizer Ultimate Lithium

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May 2014
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Energizer Ultimate Lithium

Best lithium batteries

  • Very long-lasting
  • Best for high-drain devices
  • Long shelf life
  • Poor value for low-drain use
  • AA and AAA sizes only
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Bottom line

Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries are long-lasting disposable cells that are ideal for high-drain devices, such as cameras. In comparison tests, these batteries consistently outlast all other brands. They also have an impressive shelf life of 20 years. However, their high price makes them a poor value for low-drain devices like flashlights, which can run just fine on alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Also, they're available only in AA and AAA sizes.


Powers energy-hungry devices. Both professional testers and owners say the Energizer Ultimate Lithium excels at powering high-drain electronics such as cameras and CD players. In a comparison test by Bitbox, a U.K. electronics firm, the Ultimate Lithium trumps all other batteries for total power. At high drain, it produces about 2,800 mAh of electricity, nearly three times as much as most alkalines. At low drain, however, it beats a typical alkaline by only around 50 percent. Editors conclude these batteries are best for either high-power devices or anything that "needs to last a very long time and where changing batteries is difficult or inconvenient," such as baby monitors and smoke alarms.


Nothing lasts longer. In every professional test, the Energizer Ultimate Lithium consistently outlasts other lithium batteries and soundly trumps alkaline batteries. Users at Amazon.com praise the battery's long life span, especially for use in cameras. They also note that its long shelf life makes it a good choice for emergency use, and its relatively low weight and high cold tolerance make it perfect for camping and hiking. Because of its high price, however, owners say this battery is not the ideal choice for everyday use. Several reviewers recommend using rechargeable NiMH batteries for most uses and saving the Ultimate Lithium for the special jobs at which it excels.

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ConsumerReports.org's editors test 13 brands of alkaline batteries and two lithium batteries, using both high-drain devices (cameras) and low-drain ones (flashlights). Lithium batteries, such as the Energizer Ultimate Lithium, consistently outperform alkalines in both devices. However, editors recommend them only for high-drain use because of their high price.

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2. BitBox.co.uk

BitBox Ltd., a British electronics company, tests over 50 brands of disposable AA batteries using a specially constructed rig that drains them at a steady rate. Lithium batteries, including the Energizer Ultimate Lithium, perform the best at both high and low current. However, they cost more per ampere-hour than alkalines.

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3. Which? magazine

This U.K. consumer magazine tests 20 AA and 20 AAA disposable batteries to see how long they last under high-drain and low-drain conditions. Both the AA and AAA versions of the Energizer Ultimate Lithium battery are included in the test. Editors recommend lithium batteries for high-drain use only.

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4. Amazon.com

Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries receive more than 750 reviews here. Users give them 4.5 stars out of 5 on average, and 88 percent recommend them. Owners say these batteries are very long lasting and ideal for high-drain devices, especially cameras. For low-drain use, however, they're a poor value.

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