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Bicycle Helmets: Ratings of Sources

Total of 24 Sources
1. ConsumerReports.org
May 2012
Bike Helmet Buying Guide
by Editors of ConsumerReports.org
Our AssessmentConsumerReports.org tests products against safety and quality standards, based a 100-point rating system. For helmets, they evaluate helmet impact absorption, ventilation, fit adjustment, ease of use and weight. Results are available to subscribers only.
2. BikeRadar.com
As of March 2013
Protection / Helmet Standard
by Editors of BikeRadar.com
Our AssessmentBikeRadar.com's reviewers test helmets by using them over a period of time and evaluating the lids on a five-point scale. "In doing so we take into account its performance relative to its rivals, its cost, its durability, its 'I want' factor and opinions of different reviewers," the website states. Most reviews are articles about a single product, though occasionally helmets are compared with similar items or older models in the same brand line.
3. Amazon.com
As of March 2013
Bike Helmets
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentPeople shopping for bike helmets, especially the more inexpensive models, will do well to check reviews at Amazon.com where users write about their personal experiences with helmets. Some top-scoring helmets on Amazon are the Giro Aeon and Bell Fraction, with 4.9 to 5 stars out of 50 or more reviews. The Nutcase also wins a 4.9 rating, but has just 15 reviews. Finding the true rating of a style of helmet can be difficult on Amazon, as users sometimes post reviews relevant to a whole line of helmets under the product page for a particular color or size.
4. Road.cc
Not dated
by Mat Brett and Shaun Audane
Our AssessmentThis U.K.-based cycling website provides in-depth reviews of bike gear, and occasionally helmets. In the three single-product reviews, users Mat Brett and Shaun Audane looked at the helmets' performance, durability, weight, comfort, value and quality of construction. The Bontrager Specter, Giro Indicator and Bell Gage each earned 4 stars from this website.
5. MarcPro-Strava.com
May 3, 2012
Giro Aeon Helmet Review
by Paul McKenzie
Our AssessmentProfessional cyclist Paul McKenzie asks his racing team for their opinions on the Giro Aeon and tests it himself. The review looks at the features that really matter to cyclists, such as weight and ventilation. McKenzie and his teammates say they like the Aeon as a comfortable, lightweight helmet. McKenzie is concerned about the strap buckle not staying put when he takes the helmet off.
6. CompetitiveCyclist.com
Not dated
Helmets: An Exploration
by Editors of CompetitiveCyclist.com
Our AssessmentThis bicycle and accessories retailer offers a comprehensive review of six top-of-the-line helmets to help purchasers select the best helmet. The Giro Aeon and the Lazer Helium are two of the six helmets compared, with the Aeon beating the other helmets in terms of weight, venting and a mystery category of being able to holster the rider's sunglasses on the helmet. The Aeon was chosen as the editors' top pick, but they gave an honorable mention to the Lazer Helium for its superior retention system.
7. VeloNews magazine
Aug. 16, 2012
Quick Look: Bontrager Specter Helmet
by Ari Baquet
Our AssessmentThis competitive cycling news magazine reviews the Bontrager Specter on its design and fit and compares it to similar helmets. In the review Ari Baquet raves about the Specter's great level of comfort, and writes that the helmet has soft chinstraps that soothe his face. He decides it is affordable for the level of quality provided.
8. TheRoadBikeTyro.com
Oct. 4, 2012
Review: Giro Stylus Helmet
by Arnold Watson
Our AssessmentIn this user review, blogger Arnold Watson writes about his bike helmet, the Giro Stylus. He says he has owned it for a few years and then describes his experiences with the helmet -- all positive.
9. Velojoy.com
Not dated
Ponytails Ride High on New Women's Bike Helmets
by Editors of Velojoy.com
Our AssessmentIn this single-product review, the writer tests Specialized's Hairport feature. This feature, on the Specialized Andorra, helps accommodate ponytails in the back of the helmet, thus keeping them off the neck. The writer says she thought it looked good and felt fine.
10. Walmart.com
As of March 2013
Sports & Outdoors
by Contributors to Walmart.com
Our AssessmentUsers on the Walmart.com customer review forum give their thoughts about the Razor V-17's performance, style and durability. Most users bought the helmet as a gift for a child, and reported the recipients were satisfied with the helmet and especially liked the fun style.
11. RidingAgainstTheGrain.com
June 4, 2012
Bontrager Solstice Youth Bike Helmet Review
by Editors of RidingAgainstTheGrain.com
Our AssessmentThe reviewer details his search to find a quality helmet for his young daughter and accounts how he came to purchase the Bontrager Solstice Youth. He shares photos to support his opinions of the helmet's quality design.
12. BikeShake.com
Not dated
Giro Me2 Infant Bike Helmet Review
by "Tony"
Our AssessmentThis bike gear review website gives thoughtful reviews of products for adults and children. The reviewer finds the Giro Me2 to be good for protection and inspiration for toddlers. He gives it a score of 9.5 out of 10 and cautions that the chinstrap sometimes pinches.
13. Momentum
June 28, 2011
Giro Me2 Yellow Chick
by Gwendal Castellan
Our AssessmentThis magazine about cycling transportation and bike culture gives a good review of the Giro Me2. In this short article, reviewer Gwendal Castellan describes her search for a good helmet for her daughter, concluding that the Me2 is light and easy to use. She adds that she is concerned the helmet will not be very durable.
14. Buzzillions.com
As of March 2013
Cycling Helmet & Protection Reviews
by Contributors to Buzzillions.com
Our AssessmentBuzzillions.com is another good source for user reviews about particular helmets, especially ones such as the Louis Garneau Quartz, which is not featured on Amazon. Some of the highest-ranked helmets at Buzzillions are the Giro Indicator, with 42 5-star rankings out of 82, and the Giro Me2, with a 4.4-star cumulative ranking after 69 reviews. However, as on Amazon, sometimes reviews for a particular model of helmet are scattered through several entries, differentiated by color, size or title
15. Bicycling.com
September 2012
Gear & Bike Review Finder
by Andrew J. Bernstein and editors of Bicycling.com
Our AssessmentBicycling.com, the website for cycling magazine Bicycling, posts news and reviews about helmets and other bike-related gear. Reviewer Andrew J. Bernstein examines the Bell Gage, finding it "stylish," and editors pick the Louis Garneau Quartz as third-best for the Editor's Choice contest in an undated article, calling it "surprisingly comfortable and easy to use."
16. CompetitiveCyclist.com
Not dated
Men's Helmets - Road
by Editors of CompetitiveCyclist.com
Our AssessmentCompetitiveCyclist.com is a retailer of bikes and gear, which also posts reviews of some products. The editors discuss weight, construction design, ventilation and other factors for several helmets and provide a one-sentence verdict to help their customers make the right purchase. For example, the Giro Aeon received the verdict "cooling comfort," the Louis Garneau Quartz "cool breezes," and the Bell Fraction, "this is one helmet your kid will want to wear."
17. BikeMagic.com
Dec. 7, 2012
Specialized Women's Andorra Helmet Review
by Jennifer Stuart-Smith
Our AssessmentBikeMagic.com, a mountain bike website, offers reviews of helmets and other gear on its website. In this article, author Jennifer Stuart-Smith takes a close look at the Specialized Andorra for women, and gives this verdict: "Comfortable, safe and understated female-specific helmet that is sleek, affordable and not pink and glittery."
18. Halfords.com
As of March 2013
Ratings and Reviews
by Contributors to Halfords.com
Our AssessmentBritish retailer Halfords has an online customer-review forum, similar to Amazon.com and Buzzillions.com, where product users can share their opinions about different purchases. The reviewers of the Bell XLV helmet mostly give it good feedback for style and fit.
19. YouTube.com
Not dated
by Contributors to YouTube.com
Our AssessmentIn a short video product review of the Bell XLV, this reviewer goes over the main safety features of the Bell XLV helmet and gives it kudos for its large size and durability.
20. AllSeasonsCyclist.com
Oct. 24, 2012
Bontrager Solstice Cycling Helmet
by Editors of AllSeasonsCyclist.com
Our AssessmentIn this short user review, the writer, a blogger who reviews cycling gear, discusses his search for a suitable replacement helmet. He decides on the Bontrager Solstice because of its adjustment and ventilation.
21. Bike-Riding-Guide.com
Not dated
Adult Bicycle Helmets: Wear the Best Bicycle Helmet!
by Editors of Bike-Riding-Guide.com
Our AssessmentBike-Riding-Guide.com offers a few, mostly uninformative, reviews about helmets and other gear. The site doesn't state how the reviewers come to their conclusions about the products. The reviews used in the research pointed out some of the less attractive features about the Schwinn Thrasher and Giro Indicator, such as the Indicator's twisting adjustment straps.
22. BestBikeHelmets.net
Not dated
Best Bike Helmets
by Tom Oxby
Our AssessmentThe reviewer, Tom Oxby, discusses the high and low points of the Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro but doesn't go into detail about his findings or review process.
23. Shape
Not dated
The Best New Outdoor Gear
by Melissa Pheterson
Our AssessmentThe Giro Skyla is mentioned in the fitness section of women's magazine Shape as part of a roundup article describing good outdoor gear. Reviewer Melissa Pheterson favorably describes the helmet's appearance but doesn't mention its other features.
24. Men's Fitness
Not dated
10 Best Bike Helmets (For Every Kind of Ride)
by Nick Davidson
Our AssessmentThe Lazer Helium is included in Men's Fitness roundup because reviewer Nick Davidson likes the Helium's add-ons, such as a rear light and rain cover. It is unclear from the review if Davidson actually tested the helmet.
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