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Bicycle Locks: Ratings of Sources

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1. Men's Journal
Sept. 25, 2012
Torture Test: Bike Locks
by Stan Horaczek
Our AssessmentHoraczek tests five bike locks against a bolt cutter, hacksaw and angle grinder. Brief reviews discuss portability, price and performance, with all locks eventually submitting to the angle grinder.
June 28, 2012
The Best Bike Lock
by Mario Aguilar
Our tests four popular bike locks against a bolt cutter, hacksaw and angle grinder. Aguilar describes each lock, including how well it holds up to each theft test plus a ranking out of 5 stars. The OnGuard Pitbull STD performs best, but is still easily broken by the angle grinder.
3. Outside
Jan. 9, 2012
Which Bike Lock Is Best for You?
by Meaghen Brown
Our AssessmentBrown briefly describes three popular types of bike locks and names a favorite in each category. However, there's no description of testing methods, if any, and no additional information is provided about the recommended models.
4. Ride On magazine
Nov. 14, 2012
Locks Test 2012
by Editors of Ride On
Our AssessmentAssisted by officers of the Brisbane City bike police, this Australian cycling magazine evaluates 27 bike locks in this annual roundup. Locks are divided into categories based on level of security. Some of the tested models aren't available in the U.S.
5. Wired
Jan. 31, 2011
Bike Locks for the Theft-Averse
by Will Palmer
Our AssessmentWired performs tests on six bike locks with a hammer, bolt cutters and a Dremel rotary saw to determine how well they withstand "way beyond what most thieves would deploy." Each is rated on a scale of 1 to 10, and just one is named an Editors' Pick.
6. Men's Journal
June 16, 2009
Tested: Bike Locks
by Stan Horaczek
Our AssessmentMen's Journal editors enlist a former world-champion safe-cracker and various power tools in an attempt to break open five of the toughest bicycle locks they can find. Locks are scored on security and usability. Each model stands up to the punishment, but the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini earns the Expert's Pick.
As of May 2013
by Editors of
Our doesn't include comparative reviews in its extensive database, but these write-ups are valuable nonetheless. Although many bike locks discussed at this U.K. website aren't available in the U.S., each model is tested with various tools and assigned a rating out of 5 stars. Cycling Plus is a contributor to
April 18, 2006
Avoiding the Bicycle Thief
by Scott Elder
Our AssessmentThis older article includes rare in-depth testing and comparisons of locks that are still available and continue to get top ratings in reviews. A bike commuter himself, Elder goes after nine locks with a crowbar, bolt cutters, a hacksaw with extra blades and "my trusty claw hammer." He tests chains, cables and U-locks, rating each on strength, ease of use and value in this clear, humorous and concise report. The easy winner is the New York Fahgettaboudit Mini.
9. Maxim magazine
May 2009
The Great Lock-Off
by Steve Mazzucchi
Our AssessmentMaxim magazine enlists the help of Hal Ruzal, a bike mechanic from New York City, in an attempt to break the OnGuard Doberman 5030, Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini and OnGuard Brute STD.
10. New York Magazine
July 20, 2008
Lock It Up
by Scott Ward
Our AssessmentWard recommends three bike locks for different types of riders, and lists the pros and cons of each. There's no mention of how the locks are evaluated, however, so we can't tell if he tests them personally.
11. The New York Times
Aug. 2, 2007
Physical Culture: Gear Test, Locks
by Stephen Krcmar
Our AssessmentThis older review is based on the observations of Brad Quartuccio, editor of bicycling magazine Urban Velo. Short write-ups for five locks include some testing. Quartuccio agrees with other reviewers that the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini would take "forever to hacksaw through," and the OnGuard Bulldog DT (U-lock with cable) is "pretty perfect for most people."
As of May 2013
Bike Locks
by Contributors to
Our includes hundreds of owner reviews of bike locks, making this a good place to find out how specific models last long term. Independent testing organizations just try to break them. The brands Kryptonite and OnGuard consistently receive high ratings here.
13. Bicycling Magazine
As of May 2013
Gear & Bike Review Finder: Locks
by Editors of Bicycling
Our AssessmentBicycling magazine offers more than a dozen one-off reviews of popular bike locks. Write-ups are brief and most are dated, but they still provide helpful insight into the benefits and drawbacks of a variety of models.
Jan. 3, 2011
The Very Best Bike Locks
by Jamie Carruthers
Our AssessmentThe founder of conducts in-depth reviews and recommends bike locks based on tests. provides a roundup of the locks Carruthers names top performers, all of which are U-locks.
June 24, 2009
Review: OnGuard Mini Bulldog TC Bike Lock
by "Dave"
Our AssessmentThe OnGuard Bulldog Mini TC is the only lock reviewed at It's praised for being secure and lightweight, weighing several pounds less than other U-locks on the market.
16. The Independent (U.K.)
Jan. 17, 2011
The Ten Best Cycling Accessories
by David Phelan
Our AssessmentOnly one bike lock scores a mention on The Independent's list of the best cycling accessories. Phelan calls the Kryptonite New York Standard U-Lock "effective and secure." The same lock made this publication's list of the 50 best cycling gear choices in 2009. However, it doesn't appear that the lock was tested and few details are provided.
July 25, 2009
Thread: What Is the Best Bike Lock for My New Commuter
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentThis discussion site includes personal experience with bike locks. More than a dozen people post comments, and some add links to more information.
As of May 2013
Bike Lock Reviews
by Contributors to
Our compiles the user feedback from other retail and consumer review sites. The OnGuard Beast Chain Lock 5016 is one of the top-rated bike locks here; other models may get higher ratings, but the Beast is the only high scorer that gets more than 10 reviews. Most bike locks get only a handful of posts.
As of May 2013
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentThe reviews here are well organized and the list is huge, but most locks attract only a couple of comments from owners. This is a good place to find feedback on bike locks not included in professional reviews, but you can't sort the list to see which locks rate the highest.
As of May 2013
Bike Locks and Security
by Contributors to
Our allows customers to review and rate products they've purchased and used. The bike locks available here don't get many posts, but the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini has the most feedback with high ratings.
Not dated
Bike Locks
by Ross Middleton
Our AssessmentThis London-based triathlete writes a blog focusing on his sports. Here he discusses the two highest-rated Kryptonite U-locks, the New York Fahgettaboudit and the New York Standard. He says both offer exceptional security, but he prefers the larger New York Standard.
As of May 2013
by Contributors to
Our allows owners to post feedback on bike locks sold here and it has a decent list of options. Most have no reviews yet, but some of the comments are helpful. The average rating using a five-point system is visible on the opening page, so you can do a quick comparison.
As of May 2013
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentThis is another retail site where users can share their own experiences with products. Most of the bike locks here get only one or two reviews, but the Kryptonite New York 3000 -- aka the New York Standard -- gets several more and each one gives the lock the highest possible rating. The site uses gears versus stars to indicate ratings. You can see how many gears a product gets on the main page, but you must visit individual product pages to see how many owners post reviews.
April 17, 2010
Best Bicycle Locks
by Brandon Mathis
Our AssessmentMathis recommends the best U-lock, chain lock and cable lock, naming the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini, OnGuard Beast Chain and OnGuard Rottweiler Cable as favorites, respectively. However, he doesn't explain how or why he chooses these three locks.
As of May 2013
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentThere are lots of bike locks sold here, but not many of them are reviewed by owners and you can't see any information about a product without visiting its individual page. Three OnGuard locks get positive feedback from a number of users.

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