Nikon Monarch 5 8x42

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Work well with glasses
  • Poorly fitting lens caps
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Bottom line

Nikon Monarch 5 8x42 binoculars sport a low price, but at the sacrifice of performance. They are decent for a variety of outdoor activities; however, more serious enthusiasts should look elsewhere.


Good but not great. The Nikon Monarch 5 binoculars are among the better models in this price range (Est. $300). However, they don't compete with top-of-the-line brands. One review on states, "Only in a direct comparison with the top-priced binoculars could our reviewers discern the narrower, slightly duller image, which was not quite sharp at the edges." There are few comments on the specifics of their image quality, but generally the Monarch 5s are considered by most to be a good value.

Ease of use

Easy to use with glasses. One of the most popular features of the Nikon Monarch 5 8x42 binoculars is their ability to compensate for eyeglasses. One user on writes, "We both wear glasses but found by just winding up the eye cups it [was no] trouble at all to adjust…" Many feel the Monarch 5s are very user friendly; operation is simple and predictable. Another customer adds, "The grip feels good, and the center focusing ring is within easy reach." At 20.8 ounces, these Nikon binoculars are one of the lightest on the market, which makes them much more comfortable to carry than other binoculars.


Few complaints. Overall, the Nikon Monarch 5 binoculars do not disappoint. Unfortunately, we could not find much information on long-term durability. They appear tough and claim to be waterproof, fog-proof and shockproof. While this is standard in most binoculars even in this price range, it is still a necessity. One reviewer exclaims, "The manual says that you could dunk it in water for up to 10 minutes without damage to the optics. Have no desire to test that." The Monarch 5 is backed by a 25-year no-fault repair or replace warranty.

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