FreeStyle Lite

  • Small, 0.3 microliter sample size
  • Automatic coding
  • Backlit display
  • Older FDA warning to manufacturer
  • Not all users like test strips

Bottom line

Tiny, accurate and easy to use, the FreeStyle Lite blood glucose meter's illuminated screen and test strip port make it particularly good for testing at night. The FreeStyle Lite doesn't require manual coding, holds 400 test results in memory, and allows several alternate test sites (palm, forearm, thigh, upper arm and calf). It requires a small, 0.3 microliter sample and returns test results in 5 seconds.


Right on the mark, more often than not. The FreeStyle Lite requires a smaller-than-usual 0.3 microliter test sample, which makes a lot of users happy: "I really enjoy not having sore fingers," writes one reviewer at It returns results in 5 seconds but, more importantly, draws excellent scores for accuracy and repeatability from a leading consumer research organization. These are backed up by several clinical trials that ranked the FreeStyle Lite as one of the most accurate -- and consistent -- glucose meters evaluated.


Glows in the dark -- sort of. The FreeStyle Lite's most notable features are its backlit display screen and the illuminated test strip port. Users say the light isn't strong, but it's enough to help you test your blood sugar at night. Otherwise, the FreeStyle Lite comes with the expected collection of features: memory for 400 date- and time-stamped readings, the ability to calculate 7- 14- and 30-day averages, and four programmable reminder alarms. It comes with a carry case and you can download the readings to Abbott Diabetes Care's free, PC-compatible CoPilot Health Management System software, although you need a special data cable to do it.

Ease of use

Draws user raves. Although there are -- as always -- a few outlying complaints, the FreeStyle Lite draws consistently positive user reviews for its convenience and ease of use; it also gets a "very good" convenience rating from a leading consumer research group. It doesn't require manual coding and beeps to let you know you've applied enough blood to the test strip. If you don't get enough blood the first time, you can apply more blood for up to 60 seconds -- a major plus if you struggle with the testing process. A few wish they could apply their blood at the end of the test strip, though, instead of along the side near the corners.

Cost of ownership

On the pricey side. A leading consumer research organization estimates the yearly cost of using the FreeStyle Lite at about $1,750, assuming that you test your blood four times a day. We gauge the on-the-ground price of its test strips at $35 for 50, although the manufacturer offers a copay program that can limit your cost to about $15 per 50 strips if you qualify.

It's worth noting that Abbott Diabetes Care (maker of the FreeStyle Lite) received an FDA warning in July of 2010 after inspectors found problems with its manufacturing process. As of March 2014 the FDA has not posted a closeout letter to indicate that it had inspected again and determined the issue to be resolved, although Abbott claims to have resolved the issue in a July 20 article published in the Wall Street Journal.

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Averaging 4 stars out of 5 possible after nearly 50 user reviews, the FreeStyle Lite's rating has improved from 3.5 stars two years ago. Although it draws some older, mixed reviews about accuracy and problematic test strips, most of the recent complaints are about the company that sells this product on, rather than relating to the product itself.

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