• iPhone, iPod compatible
  • 300-reading memory
  • Tracking/logging app
  • Some concerns about accuracy
  • Expensive test strips
Where to Buy

Bottom line

The iOS-compatible iBGStar docks with your iOS mobile device, although you'll need an adapter to use it with new Lightning connectors. The iBGStar can also be used on its own (it has a miniature screen to display your results). The meter stores up to 300 readings; the accompanying app tracks carbs, insulin and glucose, and charts glucose patterns over time. The battery is rechargeable and can last for a few weeks between charges.


Your results may vary. In a clinical test published in Current Medical Research and Opinion, researchers found that 99.5 percent of the iBGStar's readings were within the clinically acceptable range. It gets only a middle-of-the-road accuracy rating from a leading consumer research group, though, and a noteworthy number of users say that they either get erratic results or that their results are consistently 20 to 30 points higher than they get with other meters.

Test results are returned in about 5 seconds and require an average-sized 0.5 microliter sample. You can use blood samples from your fingertips, palm or forearm.


Rich functionality. The iBGStar meter by itself is fairly basic, with a tiny, illuminated screen and memory for 300 date- and time-stamped readings. Where it really shines is when it's paired with the free Diabetes Manager app for iOS devices. The app records your glucose, insulin and carbs, charts your readings over time and allows you to add custom notes. The iBGStar also has a mini-USB port for downloading its readings to a PC.

The iBGStar is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts a couple of weeks. However, it uses the old-style 30-pin Apple connector so if you want to use it with a new iPhone or iPad, you'll need to purchase an adapter for the Lightning port. It's also worth noting that the app upgrades sometimes lag a little bit behind new iOS releases.

Ease of use

Welcome to the information age. Owners say that the iBGStar and its Diabetes Manager app are easy and intuitive to use. Their "techy" component also carries a lot of cachet with the younger generation; quite a few parents post to review sites saying that their children with diabetes see the iBGStar as almost more of a gadget than a medical device. That said, owners wish inserting a test strip would automatically wake the phone and app, and others say it's hard to be sure which end of the strip goes into the meter. Several wish they could delete readings from the memory.

Cost of ownership

Pricey test strips. The iBGStar's test strips are among the priciest we tested, about $60 per 50 strips. A leading consumer research organization estimates the iBGStar's yearly cost of ownership at about $1,930, assuming that you test your blood glucose four times a day. "Be aware, the test strips for this meter are outrageously overpriced... there doesn't seem to be a source for strips that are priced under $1.00 per strip," writes one user at Amazon.com. It's also worth noting that the iBGStar can't dock with your iPhone when the phone is in some cases -- so you might need to purchase a new case, or get used to taking your phone out of its case to sync the meter.

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