ReliOn Confirm

Best cheap blood glucose meter

  • Inexpensive test strips
  • Small sample size
  • 360-reading memory
  • Relatively basic features
  • 7-second testing time
  • A few accuracy complaints
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Bottom line

Users like the ReliOn Confirm for its basic usability and great value. The ReliOn Confirm gets very good accuracy ratings in an expert test, and if you purchase the required cable it can upload its test records to your computer. The ReliOn Confirm requires a tiny, 0.3 microliter sample of blood and stores up to 360 readings; no manual coding is required. Although the reported test time -- 7 seconds -- is a little on the slow side, price-conscious consumers don't seem to mind.


So far, so good. The ReliOn Confirm, which is sold only through Walmart (and occasionally Sam's Club) draws "very good" ratings from a leading consumer research group for its accuracy and repeatability. Most customers are happy with its accuracy, consistency and relatively small (0.3 microliter) sample size, but a few complain about getting readings across the board. "I end up using 3 strips to get an 'average' reading, as this meter is so very inconsistent. Example being AM readings... 116/137/107," writes one woman at


A fairly basic unit. The ReliOn Confirm sports a basic, but useful, set of features. "Not fancy, but does the job well," writes one customer. It can store up to 360 time- and date-stamped readings in its memory and display 14- or 30-day averages. It's also compatible with the Glooko app for mobile devices, which helps you track your sugars over time; and the Confirm can upload its readings to your computer (cable not included). The Confirm is also a no-code meter. In other words, you don't have to key in a new code every time you open a new vial of test strips.

Ease of use

Simple and effective. The ReliOn Confirm's large screen and digits are easy to read, reviewers say; the only real downside is that the display isn't illuminated. The Confirm also beeps when you've applied an adequate blood sample (0.3 microliters), which can help you avoid wasting test strips. Its 7-second result time is a little slow, but consumers who are primarily interested in an affordable, accurate blood glucose meter don't seem to mind.

Cost of ownership

Inexpensive test strips. Although you can find test strips on sale for most blood glucose meters, the ReliOn Confirm's test strips are priced impressively low to begin with. We estimate the cost at $20 per 50 strips, while a leading consumer research organization estimates the yearly cost of using the ReliOn Confirm at $525 per year, assuming four tests per day

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About 22 customers give the ReliOn Confirm an average score of about 4.5 stars out of 5 in the first of two listings featured on the website. Eighty-six percent would recommend it for easy use, small sample size and price.

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In this second listing for the ReliOn Confirm, just over 40 users give it an average score of a little more than 4 stars out of 5. There are a few complaints about inconsistency and unreliability, but it gets praise overall for its consistency and accuracy.

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