Solus V2

  • Multilingual speaking meter
  • Programmable alarms
  • 500-reading memory
  • Mini-USB datalink
  • Very limited user feedback
  • Relatively large sample required
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Bottom line

The Solus V2 talking blood glucose meter talks you through every aspect of the setup and testing procedure in English, Spanish or Mandarin. The plethora of features include programmable alarms, an averaging function and a 500-reading memory. Its test strips are unusually inexpensive, making it a great value. On the downside, the Solus V2 requires a slightly larger than usual blood sample: 0.7 microliters.


Fully audible. The Solus V2, an updated version of the Solo V2, is one of just two blood glucose meters that talk you through the entire setup and testing process, including audible notification of errors. The Solus V2 requires a relatively large, but still competitive, 0.7 microliter blood sample. It returns results in 6 seconds and will audibly alert you if you don't have enough blood on the test strip. The Solus V2 doesn't just talk you through every step of using the meter, it does it in any of three languages -- English, Spanish or Mandarin.


Feature-rich. The Solus V2 offers most of the features you'd expect in a high-end meter, including a memory that holds 500 date- and time-stamped readings and the ability to calculate 7- 14-, 28-, 60- and 90-day averages, all of which it will read out loud to you. You can also download those readings to your computer using a standard mini-USB cable and track them online with the management tool.

Eight volume settings let you be relatively discreet with your tests, although the Solus V2 doesn't accommodate headphones. It does, however, let you program alarm reminders and flag before- or after-meal readings.

Ease of use

Great for low-vision users. Although user feedback on the Solus V2 (and its predecessor, the Solo V2) is quite limited, most owners seem happy with it. This meter has a large, easy-to-read display for users that still have sight, and its capillary-action test strips draw the blood right off your finger. If you miss one of its messages you can push a button to repeat the last message, reading or warning spoken. No coding is required with this meter, and the two AAA batteries are easy to replace.

Cost of ownership

Inexpensive for extended use. Test strips for the Solus V2 typically run about $16 per box of 50 -- one of the lowest prices we found in this report, although the pricing for these test strips also varies more than most. That works out to a total annual cost of about $468, assuming you test your blood sugar four times a day.

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