• Affordable test strips
  • Very good accuracy
  • Beeps when strip is filled
  • GDH-PQQ test strips can interact with non-glucose sugars
  • Limited memory
  • No data port
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Bottom line

Billed as "the world's smallest meter system," the True2Go blood glucose meter is a little larger than a quarter. Its test strips are affordable (Est. $17 per 50), but the low-cost GDH-PQQ strips can cause false-high readings for diabetics receiving therapies that contain non-glucose sugars, including maltose, galactose and xylose. A 2009 FDA warning offers full details, including a list of other meters that also use GDH-PQQ test strips.


Pay attention to the test strips. For those who can use GDH-PQQ test strips safely, the True2Go (which is often marketed under store brands, such as Walgreens and CVS) gets very good marks for accuracy and repeatability of readings from a leading consumer research organization. Users are generally happy with its 0.5-microliter sample size and say the results are within a few points of their other meters' readings. Testing speed doesn't always live up to the promised 4-second response time though. One reviewer, writing at Six Until Me, a diabetes blog, says it took her about 15 seconds to get a result from the meter she tested.


Basic, no-frills testing. The True2Go meter's very basic functionality is the tradeoff for its low cost. It only has one really useful feature, a 99-reading memory; but it doesn't store a time stamp or date. Other notably absent features include a data port and the ability to calculate daily, weekly or monthly average readings. The display is not illuminated. One feature users like very much is the way the meter clips to the lid of the test strip vial, which makes it easier to keep track of both small items.

Ease of use

A natural backup. With its no-frills design and tiny size, the True2Go meter is a natural choice for a travel or backup meter. Most reviewers say the large digits on the display are easy to read and they are very pleased with this meter's basic, affordable functionality. "The numbers are big and easy to read. No backlight, no frills. Just a fast, cheap, easy-to-use meter," writes one poster in the Diabetes Daily forum. The automatic test-strip coding is a hit too, eliminating a window for potential error and wasted test strips.

Cost of ownership

Cheap test strips. A leading consumer research organization estimates the cost of the True2Go's test strips at about $1,050 per year (assuming 4 tests per day). We estimate the price of test strips at about $17 per box of 50, although you can sometimes find them for less. Of course, that's all dependent on whether you can safely use the True2Go system's GDH-PQQ test strips, which can return dangerously inaccurate readings for diabetics receiving drugs or therapies that contain non-glucose sugars. Be sure to discuss this issue with your healthcare provider.

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"Best deal on the planet. Perfect meter/kit," writes one reviewer. About 41 reviewers give the True2Go starter kit an average rating of 4 stars out of 5. One customer notes that he has trouble reading the tops of the digits on the readout and struggles to tell the difference between a 1 and a 7.

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This diabetic reviewer briefly evaluates the True2Go, saying that it's mostly in line with readings from her other meter (the OneTouch UltraLink). She also gives the True2Go "high marks on size and portability," although she estimates that it took about 15 seconds to get a result on the screen.

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