A&D Medical LifeSource UA-767

  • Quick, easy to use
  • Multiple cuff sizes available
  • Offers averaging, 90-reading memory
  • Reading doesn't stay on-screen for long
  • Confusion about cuff sizing
  • Inaccurate at higher blood pressures
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Bottom line

Experts give the LifeSource UA-767 upper-arm blood pressure cuff excellent ratings for accuracy, although it may be less accurate at high blood pressures. Most users say it's quiet and more comfortable than other models they've tried, and that the readout is large and easy to read. Its fairly comprehensive set of features includes an irregular heartbeat alert, averaging function and 90-reading memory for a single user.


Less accurate for high blood pressures. The LifeSource UA-767 receives excellent accuracy ratings in independent tests, along with an A/A, the highest possible rating, from the British Hypertension Society. However, more than one expert reviewer expresses concerns about this unit's accuracy when measuring the higher blood pressure ranges.

This may explain the varying user reports of its accuracy: Some check the UA-767's readings against their doctor's equipment and say they're very close, while others report wildly divergent readings. The power source might also make a difference: One Amazon.com user says she and her husband only get accurate readings when the UA-767 is powered with batteries, not the AC adapter.

Ease of use

The hardest part may be choosing the right size. The UA-767 comes with a bewildering range of model numbers, but they're just designations for which size blood pressure cuff it comes with (small, medium or large) and whether or not it includes the optional AC adapter. We found quite a few complaints that the ranges of arm circumference each cuff accommodates are mislabeled through online vendors, so always double-check the sizing on LifeSource's website. The price also varies with size by a few dollars.

Customers generally find this unit to be easily portable, with quick setup and easy, straightforward use. Several also say it doesn't squeeze your arm as painfully tight as some other upper-arm models they've tried.


Built to last. The LifeSource UA-767 blood pressure cuff comes with a full range of features including irregular heartbeat detection; pulse readout; 90-reading memory (for a single user); and a large, easy-to-read display. It also calculates the average of the readings stored in memory, which some experts say helps give you a more accurate idea of your true blood pressure.

The UA-767 runs off four AA batteries or an AC adapter, which is only included with certain models. It's covered by a lifetime warranty, and we regularly found reports from users who've had theirs for anywhere from three to 10-plus years and say it still works well.

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2. dabl Educational Trust

The dabl Educational Trust gives the LifeSource UA-767 a Recommended rating, but it notes that it's best for at-rest readings and "not high BP." Otherwise, no comments are made, and no comparisons offered, about this monitor's performance.

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3. British Hypertension Society

The LifeSource UA-767 receives the highest possible A/A grade from the British Hypertension Society (BHS) and it is also marked as having passed the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation standard. BHS warns that this monitor may be less accurate in the higher blood-pressure ranges.

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5. Walgreens.com

Almost 40 users give the UA-767PAC, the medium-cuff version of the 767 model, a 4.6-star average rating. The reviews praise this model for its sturdiness and its quick, easy setup and use. Most, though not all, say the UA-767PAC offers consistent readings.

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More than 90 Amazon.com reviewers give the UA-767PV an overall 4.3-star rating. They say it's mostly accurate, but a few warn of inaccurate readings. Others complain about the cuff size being mislabeled in the product's description, and report varying levels of success when trying to get LifeSource's customer service to send a different cuff.

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7. Amazon.com

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