• Easily portable
  • Easy to use
  • Generally accurate
  • Must follow directions carefully
  • Few features

Bottom line

The ReliOn BP300W wrist blood pressure monitor is a basic unit sold exclusively through Walmart. Users say its large display and one-touch operation make it easy to use, although you must follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully if you want consistent readings. Several owners report that this cuff gave accurate results when compared against a doctor's tools for measuring blood pressure.


Consistent use gives consistent readings. As a general rule, wrist blood pressure monitors aren't as consistently accurate as upper-arm blood pressure cuffs. You must get the wrist units positioned just so, every time, to get accurate readings. With that being said, the BP300W receives a Very Good score for accuracy -- the second-highest possible -- from a leading consumer research organization. That's a notch lower than the best upper-arm blood pressure monitors, but still better than some of the wrist-mounted competition. Some users also test this blood pressure monitor against their doctor's equipment and say it gives comparable results.

Ease of use

One button operation. Wrist monitors like the ReliOn BP300W are favorites for those who don't like the feel of a cuff squeezing their upper arm. You do have to be able to hold the monitor across your chest at heart level, though. As long as you can manage that, owners say the BP300W is quick, convenient and fool-proof. The numbers are large and easy to read, and you only have to push one button to activate the monitor. The BP300W's one-size-fits-most cuff accepts wrists between 5.25 and 8.5 inches (13.3 to 21.6 cm) in circumference, and it runs off two AAA batteries (included).


Lacks features. The ReliOn BP300W is a great value but doesn't include some of the advanced features you'll find on higher-end models. It does still have an irregular heartbeat detector, however, and can store up to 90 readings for a single user. It comes with a hard-sided storage case, although a few reviewers say the case didn't arrive with their unit.

The BP300W is backed by a one-year warranty. The only comment we found about its durability was a complaint from a nurse who says the battery case cover fell off after a few weeks.

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