Aliph Jawbone Icon
Aliph Jawbone Icon

Best Bluetooth headset

The Aliph Jawbone Icon has it all -- functionality, design and a low price. Praised by professionals and users alike, this headset offers outstanding call quality thanks to an upgrade to Aliph's Noise Assassin noise-reduction technology. It also speaks in six different voices and six languages. The only downside? It doesn't have a volume control button.
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Aliph Jawbone Era
Aliph Jawbone Era

Best next-generation Bluetooth headset

The Aliph Jawbone Era receives high ratings for its fashion-forward style and excellent sound quality, courtesy of its large speaker and Noise Assassin technology. Motion-sensing software and a built-in accelerometer allow the headset to respond to shake and tap actions on its surface to perform a variety of tasks. However, the adaptive volume is sometimes too loud.
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Plantronics BackBeat Go
Plantronics BackBeat Go

Best stereo Bluetooth headset

The Plantronics BackBeat Go is one of the smallest and lightest stereo headsets available. While its call quality is on par with the best mono Bluetooth headsets, its music listening experience is of only average quality. This may be a fine workout companion, but the BackBeat Go isn't a full-time replacement for wired headphones.
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Best Bluetooth Headset Reviews

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology; in headsets, it allows for hands-free cell phone operation. While most Bluetooth headsets have a single earpiece, some models have two, allowing the wireless streaming of stereo sound from a cell phone that has music-playback capability. Users can often toggle between music playback and phone calls. With many states now banning the use of handheld cell phones while driving, Bluetooth headsets are one way to comply. A high-quality model can be purchased for under $75.

Bluetooth headset technology is advancing quickly. In our August 2011 reviews we praised the Aliph Jawbone Icon as a "technological breakthrough," and its technology and associated features are now available in several of the latest models. Many headsets have text-to-speech capabilities in some form, and are Advanced Audio Distribution Profile-enabled (A2DP) for streaming audio. Standard features include the ability to connect to two cell phones simultaneously and a visual battery meter display on smartphone screens. This leaves the door open for more advanced Bluetooth headset technology and has launched a high-end category. Some units are stylish first and functional second, coming in a multitude of colors and looking more like a fashion accessory than a tech gizmo.

ConsumerSearch studied evaluations of Bluetooth headsets from both experts and users, and CNET has the most expansive collection of reviews. Editors test new headsets as they're released, although a discontinued model is occasionally spotted in their roundups. rates Bluetooth headsets in a variety of categories like features and ease of use. While's coverage isn't nearly as extensive, editors do a great job of testing these units and comparing models. Reviews from PC World are thorough and allow for comparison between different headsets. User feedback at and CNET highlight the pros and cons of various models, as well as durability and comfort issues over time.

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