Aliph Jawbone Icon Review

Updated April 30, 2014
Aliph Jawbone Icon

The Aliph Jawbone Icon remains one of the top Bluetooth headsets, providing excellent sound quality and noise suppression in a fashion-forward, avant-garde design. Its Noise Assassin 3.0 noise-cancellation technology is military-grade, and free apps available from Aliph's MyTalk website allow users to customize their headsets' functionality. The Jawbone Icon HD (Est. $70) is designed to be paired with The Nerd accessory for use with your PC or Mac computer in addition to your phone.

Sound qualityProsExcellent sound quality, Highly customizable features, Stylish, with a variety of designsConsNo volume rocker switch, Ear-hook somewhat uncomfortable


Some users experience "ear fatigue."The Aliph Jawbone Icon comes with several ear-fit options, including two buds with attached ear-hooks and three pairs of earbuds without. Some experts say the ear-hook option isn't very comfortable, while others prefer it. Users are similarly divided, with a few reporting "ear fatigue" after wearing the Icon for a few hours. Reviewers add that while the Jawbone Icon is considerably more stylish than the Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus headset, it's not as comfortable.


Increased functionality through MyTalk apps.The Aliph Jawbone Icon's real breakthrough is an internal chip that can be programmed using apps from Aliph's MyTalk website to alter the headset's functionality. Users can choose from five different apps like voice dialing, as well as six different voices ranging from a deep baritone to a sultry bombshell, and six languages. Reviewers like the dedicated on-off switch, finding it easy to locate and use. However, the lack of a volume switch draws some complaints, even though volume can be controlled from a smartphone; some owners also report problems with the Icon's auto adjust volume. Roughly half of the more than 700 or so user reviews give the headset 4 or 5 stars out of 5, calling it more streamlined than the Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus, and with an easy-to-find on/off switch.


Beyond stylish to avant-garde design.Reviewers call the Aliph Jawbone Icon the "best-designed and potentially the most flexible Bluetooth headset on the market." One says its fashion-forward styling makes it look "like a piece of costume jewelry." Indeed, the variety of designs available draws praise from both professional reviewers and users. Choices include models such as Thinker, with a surface that appears quilted, or Cashmere, whose surface mimics fine wool. In keeping with its sleek design, the Icon's charging socket is small and discreet, yet easy to find.

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The Aliph Jawbone Icon earns praise from Stuart Miles; it "ticks so many boxes it's hard not to recommend." He says it looks and sounds great and works well, despite the noisiness of the environment he was in. He especially likes the battery meter that shows up when connected to an iPhone.


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