Motorola Finiti Review

Updated April 30, 2014
Motorola Finiti

The Motorola Finiti Bluetooth headset has excellent call quality in regular operational mode. If you use its well-reviewed noise-canceling Stealth technology, however, reviewers say your voice sounds metallic and robotic. The Finiti has a traditional rectangular design with a chrome covering, but the earbuds are unusually shaped.

Sound qualityProsExcellent call quality, Vocalyst service, Excellent noise cancellationConsTiny multipurpose call button, MotoSpeak app only for Android phones, Voices in Stealth mode sound harsh and robotic


Takes practice to get the right fit.Reviewers say the Motorola Finiti's earbuds fit comfortably and easily. The headset comes with a selection of ear fittings with optional loop styles, and some users find the hookless model isn't very secure. The headset's Stealth mode requires that the earpiece's sensor touch the ear canal, which is uncomfortable for some users. One reviewer had problems keeping the earbud in his ear when he moved his head around.


Straightforward, but buttons are tiny.There are no surprises using the Motorola Finiti. Its controls are intuitive, although the multipurpose button is small and causes problems for some. In addition, the volume button is difficult to find at first. The Finiti supports basic voice controls and gives some voice prompts. Its battery will last for five hours talk-time and six days on standby.


Traditional overall design, but strange-looking earbuds.The Motorola Finiti has a traditional rectangular headset design with a shiny chrome finish that one reviewer calls "cheap looking." Its earbuds are called "unusual;" one tester likens the hookless models to a tadpole and the hooked ones to a "soda can pull-tab."

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After hands-on testing of the Motorola Finiti, Nicole Lee is "incredibly impressed" with its call quality. She also praises its Stealth technology, which completely blocks out environmental noise. Although the resulting voice quality sounds harsh, the technology is excellent for especially noisy environments.

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This reviewer highlights the excellent noise-cancellation function of the Motorola Finiti and places it in PC World's list of top eight Bluetooth headsets. McEvoy gives mixed reviews to the unusually shaped earbuds: Despite their "kooky" appearance, they work well even without the ear-hook as long as you stay stationary.


Motorola Finiti, Jamie Lendino, March 15, 2011

Reviewer Jamie Lendino isn't impressed with the Motorola Finiti, calling the design "cheap looking" and the call quality "average." After hands-on testing with several phones, he says the Finiti's Stealth mode is "awful." However, he has no problems finding a comfortable earbud among those that come with the headset.


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Over 200 user contributors to have weighed in on their Motorola Finiti Bluetooth headsets, and most like it a lot. Some reviewers have used other headsets and prefer the Finiti, and others report they've been using the Finiti for several years and it's still working fine.