Motorola Finiti

Updated April 30, 2014
Motorola Finiti

Bottom line

The Motorola Finiti Bluetooth headset has excellent call quality in regular operational mode. If you use its well-reviewed noise-canceling Stealth technology, however, reviewers say your voice sounds metallic and robotic. The Finiti has a traditional rectangular design with a chrome covering, but the earbuds are unusually shaped.

Sound quality

Excellent call quality, but Stealth mode sounds tinny.The call quality of the Motorola Finiti is excellent, with incoming voices sounding loud, natural and clear. Callers report only a slight distortion on outgoing voices. The Finiti's Stealth mode, which works with bone-conduction technology, blocks most background noises, especially in windy environments. However, callers say the Finiti user's voice in this mode is louder and sounds tinny or metallic, and they could tell the user was using a headset.

ProsExcellent call quality, Vocalyst service, Excellent noise cancellationConsTiny multipurpose call button, MotoSpeak app only for Android phones, Voices in Stealth mode sound harsh and robotic
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