Plantronics Voyager Legend Review

Updated April 30, 2014
Plantronics Voyager Legend

The Plantronics Voyager Legend is a successor to the Voyager Pro Plus series of Bluetooth headsets and, like those, is also aimed at business professionals who need to wear a headset all day. It's extremely comfortable, though its style will never qualify it as a fashion accessory. The call quality of the Legend is excellent, with natural-sounding voices even in noisy environments. The button controls of the Legend are well-placed, and this headset also offers a voice-control function.

Sound qualityProsVery comfortable, Excellent sound quality, Long battery lifeConsNot stylish, Proprietary charging port


Designed for professional use.Comfort, not style, is the aim of the Plantronics Voyager Legend designers and it fully meets that goal. The design is an upgrade to the previous Voyager Pro models with a slimmer, sleeker headset body, and it is built to accommodate those who wear glasses. Reviewers report the lightweight Legend is extremely comfortable for all-day wear and feels unobtrusive. Built with a rubberized finish, the Legend has a nanocoating that protects against sweat and moisture so you can wear it during your gym workouts. However, one reviewer found the rubber bits attract dust and dead skin cells. Three different size earbuds come with the headset.


Well-placed controls.The Plantronics Voyager Legend uses Smart Sensor technology that recognizes whether you're wearing the headset and lets you take a call the instant you put it on. If you're already wearing it, you just need to say "Ignore" or "Answer" when a call is announced. The buttons are well-placed on the headset, with oversized rocker volume and power switches. There's also a voice command interface, though reviews of this feature are mixed. Setup of the Legend is remarkably easy, as it automatically goes into pairing mode on first use. There's a neat "Find my Headset" function on the Android app that records where you last used the headset. One downside is the use of a proprietary magnetic port for charging that takes a nonstandard USB cable.


Not a fashion accessory.People will notice you're wearing a headset when you've got the Plantronics Voyager Legend on. Called a "cross between a normal mobile Bluetooth headset and the type of wireless headset that call-center workers use," the Legend has an ear-hook and a boom that swivels 180 degrees. The headset can be worn on either ear. Despite its size and bulk, the Legend is light in weight. The body of the headset is black silicone and the microphone is silver-colored metal.

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Garun states the Plantronics Voyager Legend is clearly aimed at professionals who have to wear a headset all day long. He likes that the Legend can sync with multiple devices, from smartphones to PCs, and finds the "Find my Headset" function useful. However, Garun concludes the Legend is a bit bulky and prone to getting dirty quickly.


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Earning a rating of Excellent, the Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset is's best Bluetooth headset of 2012. The Legend has "near-perfect" hardware and voice controls that support its "stellar" sound quality. On the downside is its size. The Legend looks "suitably professional," so is well suited to an office environment or other venues where fashionable looks don't matter so much.


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Calling the Plantronics Voyager Legend an "excellent mobile accessory," reviewer Bennett says that, despite being made primarily out of plastic, it has a solid and well-crafted feel. Bennett wears glasses and finds the Legend is still comfortable to wear, something its designers were aiming for.


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The Plantronics Voyager Legend earns a recommended rating from Hanson at He says the Legend is an improvement over the already-excellent Voyager Pro UC v2, with new material in the earpiece, a sensor that can tell when you put on or remove the headset, caller ID announcements and an extra microphone. These improvements add up to a feature-packed headset with excellent quality.


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Coming just behind the Jawbone Era in McEvoy's list of top Bluetooth headsets, Plantronics' Voyager Legend earns praise for its caller ID announcements as well as its headset sensor technology. McEvoy finds the call quality to be "dependable" and likes the available apps, including "Find my Headset" and InstantMeeting.


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Magennis likes the Plantronics Voyager Legend for its excellent noise-canceling capabilities and its comfort. Calling the design "visually unappealing," he says the Legend is not aimed at the mainstream market. The Legend is "a cross between a normal mobile Bluetooth headset and the type of wireless headset that call-centre workers use."


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Over 1,500 customer reviewers at award an average of 4 out of 5 stars to the Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset. Reviewers praise its noise-canceling abilities and the sound quality, but there are complaints about its size, especially if you need to wear glasses at the same time.