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Body Lotions: Ratings of Sources

1. Body Lotions, Paula Begoun and Editors of, As of March 2016
This expansive online database run by beauty expert Paula Begoun reviews and rates more than 45,000 skin-care and makeup products. Begoun and her team include medical journals, cosmetic industry reports and the Food and Drug Administration among their research sources, providing detailed information on the common ingredients found in body lotions and other products. Reviews discuss product effectiveness, possible risks (e.g., skin irritation) and whether or not an item is worth its price.
2. Best Moisturizers for Baby, Mona A. Gohara M.D., Not dated
Here, dermatologists recommend seven ointments, creams and lotions for babies. Most are inexpensive products that are readily available in drugstores, with no fragrances or dyes to irritate skin. Each pick gets a paragraph explaining why it's good.
3. Body Lotion Ratings, Editors of, November 2011
Credibility: tests 14 drugstore body lotions, including name brands and store-brand knockoffs. In a temperature- and humidity-controlled lab, testers measured the skin moisture on 26 female staffers' legs, then applied the lotions and measured again after 2, 5 and 24 hours. Eight of the lotions were judged "slightly more moisturizing" than the rest after 24 hours. Sensory panelists also judged each lotion's scent and feel.
4. Allure Best of Beauty: Body, Liana Schaffner, Not dated
Editors of Allure magazine spend months testing thousands of beauty products for their annual beauty awards. The latest winners include two body lotions.
5. InStyle Best Beauty Buys: Body, Editors of InStyle magazine, Not Dated
InStyle magazine editors interview experts and test hundreds of products in every beauty category. Each winning product includes a description of its benefits and often quotes testers' experiences. This list of the latest winners includes a couple of body lotions (along with body washes, razors and other body care products).
6. 13 Best Body Lotions Under $10, Amanda Montell and Kelly Searle, Not Dated
Editors of name the best drugstore body lotions, based on reader reviews. Each lotion gets a 1-to10 rating and a one-paragraph summary, including quotes from readers.
7. Dermatologist Picks Under $20, Jeanine Downie M.D., Amy Wechsler M.D. and Anne Chapas M.D., January 2009
Three dermatologists pick seven favorite drugstore products, including three body lotions. Each one includes a paragraph explaining what it's good for, and the benefits of its ingredients.
8. Best Moisturizers for the Body, Julyne Derrick, Updated Sept. 30, 2015
Credibility:'s beauty expert picks nine body moisturizers, based on her own personal experiences and recommendations from dermatologists. The list includes both drugstore lotions and high-end splurges.
9. Lotions, Contributors to, As of March 2016
Credibility: sells more than 37,000 lotions, but it's easy to find the best ones -- the bestselling, top-rated lotions appear first on the list. More than a dozen average more than 4.5 stars with more than 300 customer reviews posted.
10. Body Lotions/Creams, Contributors to, As of March 2016
Hundreds of body lotions are reviewed by members of this website. Product reviews can be sorted, making it easy for users to find the highest-rated products, as well as those that are reviewed most often. Users can see how many reviews a product has received, along with the average rating and likelihood of buying the product again, right on the main page.
11. Lotions, Contributors to, As of March 2016
Credibility: sells hundreds of lotions, but it doesn't attract as many customer reviews as Still, several lotions have amassed more than 100 reviews. You can sort the list to see the best-rated lotions at the top.