Breadmaker Ratings: Top Rated Breadmakers

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Breadmaker Rating Sources

1. Bread Machines,, As of November 2015
Credibility: is the best destination for bread maker user reviews with hundreds of reviews across dozens of bread makers. This is not only a good source to see how bread machines perform in real world use, it's also a great resource for those who are new to bread baking as baking enthusiasts tend to post very helpful advice, including photos, recipes, tips and links to helpful cookbooks.
2. Bread Machines,, As of November 2015
Credibility: offers a good assortment of bread machines, mostly mid- to low-priced models that are solid but basic performers. Some get hundreds of reviews, many of which are very detailed and thorough. Ratings include the percentage of people who would recommend the machine to a friend.
3. Bread Machines,, As of November 2015
Credibility: carries just a few bread machines, but the top ones get a lot of reviews. Users of this site tend to be very knowledgeable about baking and their comments are very helpful. Most of our top picks are represented here, but the model numbers from the manufacturer are not included, so you have to be careful to ensure that you're looking at the right review for the product you're interested in.
4. Bread Machines,, As of November 2015
Credibility: is a good source to find ratings on quite a few bread makers, from higher end models to less expensive machines. A few machines get several dozen reviews, and owners can say if they would recommend the product to a friend. We saw quite a few comments that were left after the owner had the bread machine for quite some time, so these offer a particularly good overview of multiple uses and the results of trying different types of bread.
5. Bread Machines,, As of November 2015
Credibility: carries only four bread makers, three Zojirushi machines and a Cuisinart and only the Zojirushi's have reviews. However, those three get quite a bit of feedback and most of the people who post here are very knowledgeable, experienced bakers. The best feature of this site is that the moderators weigh in frequently to help out those who are having issues getting their bread to come out properly, or just to say thanks for a great review.
6. Bread Machines,, As of November 2015
Although is better known as a destination for buying electronics, a few dozen bread machines are available for sale. They get fewer reviews than elsewhere, though.
7. Best Bread Machines,, As of November 2015
Credibility: makes it easy to see how many owners have rated the 84 bread machines reviewed here. Some bread makers have a handful of write-ups, while others have been reviewed dozens of times. Zojirushi, Breadman, Panasonic and West Bend are the top-reviewed brands.
8. Cook's Illustrated Bread Machines, Cook's Illustrated, March 2015
We would generally rank this source quite a bit higher, but, in this case, the editors of Cook's Illustrated make it clear they have little love for bread machines, which makes it less helpful since users often love them. Of the five they test, three are recommended with reservations, two are not recommended.
9. Bread Machine Product Reviews and Information,
Jessica Harlan,'s cooking equipment guide, reviews four bread machines here, each gets a thorough overview. Although it's clear she tested each model, she shares very little of her personal experiences with the machine; rather, she focuses more on features and general pros and cons.
10. Easy Gluten-free Dairy-free Bread in your Bread Machine,, Oct. 20, 2013
Michelle Palin writes a popular blog for the gluten-free, dairy-adverse crowd that includes recipes and suggestions. She recommends two Cuisinart models for making gluten-free bread, the BMKR-200 PC and the Cuisinart CBK 100, but notes that there are other brands with gluten-free settings as well.