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EverStart Maxx-35N

Est. $105
February 2014
by ConsumerSearch

  • Outstanding in hot- and cold-weather tests
  • Very good reserve capacity
  • Shorter warranty than top-rated batteries
  • Dies quickly for some owners

Bottom line

Walmart sells car batteries fairly cheaply and installs them for free. Some -- including the EverStart Maxx-35N -- perform impressively in tests. But in the real world, some owners say this battery conks out fast.


Impressive in tests. It's pretty cheap, but the EverStart Maxx-35N keeps up with pricey batteries in professional evaluations. It scores just as well as the top-rated DieHard Advanced Gold 50778 (Est. $165) in cold-cranking and hot-weather endurance tests, and just a notch behind in reserve capacity, the juice that lets the battery run your lights such as when you forget to turn them off. This is a Group 35 size battery. Several other EverStart sizes test extremely well, and none is worse than average.

Dependability and warranty

OK warranty, but mixed owner reviews. Walmart offers a three-year replacement warranty on this battery, followed by two years prorated so you get a credit toward a new battery. Other brands' warranties are longer: Both DieHard Advanced Gold and Kirkland carry three years/100 months prorated coverage.

Some owners are satisfied, but three customers say this car battery died early or failed in bitter-cold weather. At another site, two users say the EverStart Maxx-35N fizzled right at three years, and it leaked acid.


A good deal, but not the best. Reviews say Walmart's EverStart Maxx-35N is a pretty good deal, but there are better options. The Kirkland Signature 12866 (Est. $85) costs less, performs even better and carries a longer warranty. However, the Kirkland battery is sold only at Costco -- which requires a $55 annual membership -- and Costco won't install your battery whereas Walmart does it for free.

Another alternative is the Interstate Mega-Tron Plus MTP-24 (Est. $125) that costs just $20 more. Owners say it's extraordinarily durable, and Interstate batteries are widely available at garages and chain auto-parts stores.

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