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Interstate Mega-Tron Plus MTP-24

Est. $125
February 2014
by ConsumerSearch

  • Great owner reviews
  • Outstanding in hot climates
  • Very good in cold weather
  • Good warranty
  • Performance varies by size
  • Others do slightly better in some tests

Bottom line

Many owners swear by Interstate batteries. The Interstate Mega-Tron Plus MTP-24 is a standout in tests, delivering exceptionally long life even in searing, battery-killing temperatures.


Shines in tests and real-life use. The Interstate MTP-24 sails through hot-weather stress tests. It's not quite as powerful in freezing weather as the top-rated DieHard Advanced Gold 50778 (Est. $165), and it won't last quite as long if you leave your lights on accidentally, but it's very good in both situations. Other sizes of this battery like the MTP-48 and MTP-35 perform very well, too, but the MTP-75 lags behind in some tests.

Ask around, and you'll probably hear Interstate batteries recommended more than any other. We found more consistently good owner feedback for this brand than any other type of car battery, including a snowplow driver in upstate New York, a semi truck fleet manager and others with power-hungry vehicles.

Dependability and warranty

Extremely durable. This is a lead-acid battery with removable caps, but it's still designed to be maintenance-free so you won't have to top off the water. It carries a shorter warranty than some: 30 months replacement/72 months prorated, versus 36/100 for the DieHard Advanced Gold 50778 and Kirkland Signature 12866 (Est. $85). Still, the Interstate proves exceptionally durable in tests and plenty of owners back that up, from the farmer who got more than seven years out of an Interstate battery in his grain combine to the off-road enthusiast who inherited an Interstate eight years ago in a used truck and it's still going strong.


A mid-priced owner favorite. For about $40 more than the Interstate, you can get the DieHard Advanced Gold 50778. For $40 less, you could get a Kirkland Signature 12866 at Costco, but you'll have to install it yourself. Both prove a bit more powerful than the Interstate car battery in a leading test. Still, for many users, it's Interstate all the way. As one owner in freezing Colorado puts it: "Every Interstate Mega-Tron battery I have owned has lasted me over ten years ... I will not buy any other brand."

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Six customers review the MTP-24 here, and all but one award it a perfect 5 stars. The lone 1-star review comes from someone who drives only 10 minutes per day; Interstate responds that that distance may not be enough to keep the battery charged, and it may simply need to be recharged.

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